Eos 8

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 August 2007
I just cannot stop playing with colors! :-) Also see the tutorial at https://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorial/?eos_making_of

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the italian  ·  long ago
cos'?...sarai mica milanista?! (do you know Milan, the italian football team?)

Ally  ·  long ago
Very.. goth. Might use it on my site.

liao ruijun  ·  long ago
it is ture italian colour

DENNY  ·  long ago
wow... mysterious,,,

JH  ·  long ago
That's hot. Would love a version of this color with no blur. Thanks for fixing the solar system image last week.

Justin  ·  long ago
i would LOVE a tutorial on how you made this series.

onguarde  ·  long ago
this is a niiiiceeeeeeeeeeeee dark theme woohoo

emma  ·  long ago
i like this one but im not sure about the blurryness it makes my eyes go funny haha

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
the italian: do I do not know Milan team! Did I borrow their colors? :-)

BLugg  ·  long ago
wow very nice can we love your work.. this is best so far imo lol id love to see it in blue and orange tho my favs =)

bob  ·  long ago
like this "eos" best^^ very, very nice

Ribbot  ·  long ago
cool 2nd cool picture!

EBERHARD BACH  ·  long ago
Simple and classy. Glad I subscribed.

Chrissy  ·  7 January 2008
I especially like your use of dark colors. They express unique sophistication.

moni  ·  25 May 2008
this is my favourite eos! :-)

mic  ·  16 September 2008
Wow, these are all really excellent.

jose alberto  ·  3 July 2011
sentimiento elegancia y maldad

Denise Nelson  ·  5 December 2011
love this one...

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