Fire Dragon

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Vlad Gerasimov 14 March 2008
Done in Photoshop entirely, using Wacom Cintiq tablet. It took me exactly 24 hrs, with short break to sleep :-) I  am not too experienced in tablet drawing yet - had to start from scratch 3 times. Hope you like it anyway!
Martin Coetzee 14 March 2008
WOA!!!!! NICE!
Одна из лучших работ за последнее время
julie 14 March 2008
that is just amazing! you are truly gifted!
ionuca 14 March 2008
OmG, I used to be obsessed with dragons and now you brought back this obsession. Thanks!
Sarah 14 March 2008
O. M. G. O_O
Cara 14 March 2008
Wow, you did that whole thing in photoshop! It looks amazing!
Angelle 14 March 2008
One of my favs by you for sure!!!!!
NC-Koala 14 March 2008
Wow!!! beautifull!!!
Gil 14 March 2008
amazing! (as usual)
Sebastian 14 March 2008
That shit is so stunning! Amazing!
Aziel 14 March 2008
Marcus 14 March 2008
That's what I call a "FIRING HOT WALLPAPER" I really do like dragons!!! Thx again VLad. Grtz from Ostend,Belgium.
DK 14 March 2008
This is beautiful!
Shelley 15 March 2008
Kevin Carter 15 March 2008
WOW! Thats great. More like this please.
Andrew Ushkov 15 March 2008
Супер! Очень красиво!!!
Kenneth Yu 15 March 2008
so cool!
Chinmoy Kumar Das 15 March 2008
another amazing work...VLADSTUDIO ROX!!!
Dagi 15 March 2008
Not too experienced in tablet drawing?!? Let me laugh! :)) The thing is to find the best settings for your favourite tools! Great as always! Thanks Vlad, you're my own, personal Master! :)
Yuntao Zhou 15 March 2008
I love your dragon series!!!
Mufaddal 15 March 2008
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its great... and u have a Cintiq -naaiiice rock on - hope to see even more now.. pls give us a blue abstract some time soon - i miss those - my favourite was Emotion
Igor 15 March 2008
This one is very cool, just awesome. I've already set it up as desktop background :) Thanks for it and keep up the good work ;)
William 15 March 2008
Awesome work! I would like to see a blue icy version of this!
Lorena 15 March 2008
Speechless!!! wow!!!
aninkajah 16 March 2008
It's not cool. it's HOT!!!! Hehe... Thanks!!!
btcycle 16 March 2008
Pamela 16 March 2008
InternetG33k 16 March 2008
Absolutely incredible!!!
GoK 16 March 2008
Olaganustu :)
Emma 16 March 2008
It makes me think of Harry Potter :)
Lihui Chen 16 March 2008
The dragon does not look evil enough, and the wings are just too big. I thought it was a phoenix at the first glimpse. IMHO, that will be even better.
Charles 18 March 2008
나말고 다른 한국사람도 있네요 ㅋㅋㅋ Good job
Mi ;O) 18 March 2008
Awesome, i was born in the year of the fire dragon i love your work!
BuschTeam 18 March 2008
Please make a beautiful shooting star wallpaper. We would just love that! PS-You're grrrr..reat!!
Joe 18 March 2008
How you continue to create great wallpapers will baffle me forever, but please keep on doing what you do so very well. This is another wallpaper of yours that will be my desktop (that is of course until your next one). Thanks again
Ana 19 March 2008
wow. It left me without words. Yeah, maybe it could use a more evil (you see, dragon-ish hehe) look... But it's totally awesome. Hey and was this without experience? I can't imagine it with experience!
TSiRKO 19 March 2008
Perfect! I love dragons! I only wish he/she was more evil! but after all that's your style!
Justin 20 March 2008
Great work. Dragons are definitely a favorite of mine and you capture everything I love about 'em. Keep up the awesome work! MORE dragons please! =)
Erin 20 March 2008
That's the most beautiful dragon ever!
Pavlo 20 March 2008
Дійсно не погана робота, дякую
Mariya K-W 20 March 2008
Dragons are not necessarily evil. There are different legends and teachings, there are good Dragons and bad dragons. Maybe Vlad's Dragon is from the good guys, hence insufficient evilness :)
good 20 March 2008
Grant 21 March 2008
This is spectacular. I have always had a passion for dragons, but this desktop makes me, well, do the thing that dragon is doing!
Gilberto 21 March 2008
Jaideep Nadkarni 21 March 2008
Could rename it as "Lava Dragon", lol. Terrific manifestation of fantasy.
GwenGuin 21 March 2008
And the Dragon of the Earth awakens after centuries of sleep, to see what puny Man has done to his beloved world. And Dear Vlad, I am mesmerised, energised, awed, and inspired in one breathless glance. The feel and mood of this image is crystalline in clarity and full of dizying depth of spirit. One bona fide standing ovation for this piece!!! Namaste, GwenGuin
mondandaeg 23 March 2008
Esta genial!!! :)
Jason 23 March 2008
sick dragon
Scott 24 March 2008
Very nice...i have a new background!
Bernardo 25 March 2008
Que espanto!
Leti 25 March 2008
me asusta :(
Callum Macdonald 25 March 2008
Woah! Cool!
osv 25 March 2008
cosmin 26 March 2008
paulo 27 March 2008
bom, muito bom
dpdave 29 March 2008
nice wallpaper
Amat Allah 31 March 2008
very very beautiful
jerry 31 March 2008
wow richtig geil das bild
Tar 31 March 2008
It work of art
angelkom 31 March 2008
it was wooooooow it was reallllly amasing i just loveee art coool ...... soooo can't describe all i'll say is woooow
paco 2 April 2008
Me Man 3 April 2008
That ok but not amasing
Matt 4 April 2008
Hey Vlad, This is awesome, but I think you should do a version where the dragon is more subtle, disguised as flames.
Slaven iz Velenja 4 April 2008
Odlična ideja, občudovanja vredna umetnost. Hvala Vlad.
kerubiyan 11 April 2008
to great
vinod 12 April 2008
оленька 18 April 2008
Rit@ 28 April 2008
i don't like drangons so i don't like this wallpaper but... there are others people who like this wallpaper... bye.... :( :(
Bikram 29 April 2008
you are a champ...awesome work..
Eric Swart 3 May 2008
Truly stunning!
majekv 9 May 2008
sylvia butler 17 May 2008
I'm soooooo excited every time I get a email update for desktop themes!!! I just know I'll want them all!!! ^_^
anohita 17 May 2008
it is expressing the power of dragonz.
Фатьма 2 June 2008
Аз Есмь Познание и Сила АЗ Есмь Святая Радость Мира Я - Кобра в Колокольном Звоне Я - Сердце в Огненном Драконе
Pavl!n 16 June 2008
Great... ваще впечатляюще!!!
DAILY LIAR 21 June 2008
Jonas Eek 1 August 2008
WOW! That's awesome. I´v tried to follow the tutorial without any luck. I'm doing something wrong with the brushes in the beginning (The dragon). Don´t understand where to brush with the different brushes. Did anyone manage to complete the tutorial? Please post your result :)
bizkit 18 September 2008
Havin 'em Oliver Twist attitude ryt now. I WANT SOME MOREEEE!!!
Andres 16 November 2008
its exelent if you can ma ke an foenix
Christina 13 December 2008
just one question: how is this a photo manipulation? very good colors, very vibrant.
MR. Lawson 6 January 2009
Nice job, would look good as a tat.
rizky 2 February 2009
incridible like me he.....he..................he
Franz josef 13 February 2009
This is cool
joe 25 February 2009
dragon tamer 6 March 2009
omg that is so cool maybe the bet pic of a dragon ive ever seen truely oustanding job!!!
CrucioAtrus 24 May 2009
Wauw, just... wauw... Man you are freaking good, i've gotta monitor this site!
joe is the man 25 May 2009
that is so cool
24 August 2009
strggl4justice 8 September 2009
Such an amazing work of ART
bruno 14 September 2009
cada dia melhor
20 September 2009
Fledge 16 October 2009
Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing }:=8)
frederik 5 November 2009
Jhock fransua (France) 24 April 2010
12 May 2010
je naprosto úžasná!!!!
dhanashri 29 October 2010
Its too terrific .
me 19 January 2012
I have seen it on series : "the bridge" fabulous series and a fabulous wallpaper :) LIKE IT
gavin 13 August 2012
gavin here cool very cool
peachy 10 October 2012
Fantastic! You are truly a gifted artist!
C.T 26 December 2012
Dragons are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deputy Virden 12 September 2013
Someone's stealing your art
carlos 7 October 2013
what is it? awful
J. 28 December 2013
Elisa 18 October 2014
Mr.Dragon 16 November 2018
So Nice! My favorite wallpaper ever!
Barzoom 13 April 2019
Great :)))

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