Friends (Color 2)

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Vlad Gerasimov 13 March 2008
They are so different, and yet they are together! Because they are friends :-) I made quick pencil sketch, then quickly outlined it  in Photoshop. So  it is quick wallpaper :-) Orange version is also available - please see previous wallpaper.
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Martin Stružský 13 March 2008
thank you a lot, I already have it on my desktop :-)
Michal Stružský 13 March 2008
Me either. :-D Much more better than the orange one. :-)
Alexandru Pupsa 13 March 2008
More like family
Sarah 13 March 2008
Much cooler in color than the other one, I like the change!
Ampit 13 March 2008
You are right. They can be very happy together. It's enough to be frinds. Thanks
Todd Clontz 13 March 2008
Good Work. I like the simple background too. any chance to get the background only? Thanks.
Lesya 13 March 2008
очень поднимает настроение, улыбка не сходит с лица :)
CM 13 March 2008
Do you have a newsletter or any other way of keeping up to date (other than rss)? The companion misses updates if you don't logoff/reboot often.
Vu Hung Nguyen 13 March 2008
cool, man!
Nuheen Khan 14 March 2008
My first impression was that it was a family. Good job though!
Justin 14 March 2008
the blue looks much better. a green version would also look nice i think :) just a thought..
fengshaun 16 March 2008
friends, friends, friends. However different they might be, they are still friends. Beautiful!
terezza 17 March 2008
vlad, what about some easter wallpapers?
Jaideep Nadkarni 21 March 2008
I generally prefer the blue/cooler shaded ones compared to the red/warmer shaded ones. However in this theme, I believe the orange one brought lot more of that brilliance, warmth and vibrant nature that one would sahre with closest of friends. Wonderful...
Marija 21 March 2008
Friends,good friends :)
I DONT FEEL LIKE IT 29 March 2008
shit all this is crappy it is ugly real ugly
tt 8 April 2008
mum 8 May 2008
обожаю Ваши работы. спасибо!
Mahsa 24 July 2008
it's very nice,thanks
Sammy 18 March 2009
thats like me and my friend i LOVE IT!!! U are so good at art u rock!!!
Maxy 22 May 2010
More like a family :o
mohamad 26 February 2011
they are very beautiful! thanks
ika 26 November 2012
great i like it so mach