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Vlad Gerasimov 13 March 2008
They are so different, and yet they are together! Because they are friends :-) I made quick pencil sketch, then quickly outlined it  in Photoshop. So  it is quick wallpaper :-)
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Milan Vít 13 March 2008
The first has hair like Marge Simpson :-))
Martin Stružský 13 March 2008
your description is exactly the same, what came up to my mind when I saw the thumbnail of this wallpaper :-) great job, but I'd appreciate a bit less aggressive colour scheme ;-)
onguarde 13 March 2008
great wallpaper, nice colors and shows the human element.......
Yifan Ren 13 March 2008
Very interesting~~~
Justin 13 March 2008
very cool vlad. very unique! love it!
Hakeem 13 March 2008
Wonderfully done! Thank you!
Myrtle 13 March 2008
Cute... but I wouldn't use it on my desktop. It's just kinda bland... sorry
ionuca 13 March 2008
Do these friends have names? :)
kekel 15 March 2008
Love your wallpaper!
Jaideep Nadkarni 21 March 2008
Oh yeah! They sure come in all shapes and sizes. They could've been presented in irregular shapes too. But certainly reminds me of all the kinds of friends I have. Simply Super...
Jorge 26 March 2008
Nicolas B. 31 March 2008
Très très joli! Enfin le printemps. :)
ko 9 April 2008
muy gracioso! :)
Влад 9 September 2008
Прикольная семейка
Dave VanderWekke 14 October 2008
Is there a tutorial on making this kind of background? I especially like the orange version.
Geroge Lee 8 April 2010
great. !
wismiluck 2 February 2012
nice :) it prove that no one can be perfect x)