Friends (Color 2)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  13 March 2008
They are so different, and yet they are together! Because they are friends :-) I made quick pencil sketch, then quickly outlined it  in Photoshop. So  it is quick wallpaper :-) Orange version is also available - please see previous wallpaper.

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Martin Stružský  ·  13 March 2008
thank you a lot, I already have it on my desktop :-)

Michal Stružský  ·  13 March 2008
Me either. :-D Much more better than the orange one. :-)

Alexandru Pupsa  ·  13 March 2008
More like family

Sarah  ·  14 March 2008
Much cooler in color than the other one, I like the change!

Ampit  ·  14 March 2008
You are right. They can be very happy together. It's enough to be frinds. Thanks

Todd Clontz  ·  14 March 2008
Good Work. I like the simple background too. any chance to get the background only? Thanks.

Lesya  ·  14 March 2008
очень поднимает настроение, улыбка не сходит с лица :)

CM  ·  14 March 2008
Do you have a newsletter or any other way of keeping up to date (other than rss)? The companion misses updates if you don't logoff/reboot often.

Vu Hung Nguyen  ·  14 March 2008
cool, man!

Nuheen Khan  ·  14 March 2008
My first impression was that it was a family. Good job though!

Justin  ·  14 March 2008
the blue looks much better. a green version would also look nice i think :) just a thought..

fengshaun  ·  17 March 2008
friends, friends, friends. However different they might be, they are still friends. Beautiful!

terezza  ·  17 March 2008
vlad, what about some easter wallpapers?

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  21 March 2008
I generally prefer the blue/cooler shaded ones compared to the red/warmer shaded ones. However in this theme, I believe the orange one brought lot more of that brilliance, warmth and vibrant nature that one would sahre with closest of friends. Wonderful...

Marija  ·  22 March 2008
Friends,good friends :)

I DONT FEEL LIKE IT  ·  29 March 2008
shit all this is crappy it is ugly real ugly

tt  ·  9 April 2008

mum  ·  8 May 2008
обожаю Ваши работы. спасибо!

Mahsa  ·  24 July 2008
it's very nice,thanks

Sammy  ·  19 March 2009
thats like me and my friend i LOVE IT!!! U are so good at art u rock!!!

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