Inside the Rainbow (Color 2)


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 December 2008
Another color variation of Inside the Rainbow wallpaper. This abstract wallpaper was inspired by Abstract Vectors tutorial from, which in turn was inspired by Andy Gilmore, and I guess we all were inspired by British Petroleum Logo :-) As always, Adobe Photoshop only.

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Ted Slusser  ·  3 December 2008

Catchick  ·  3 December 2008
Makes me feel happy. It also reminds me of the NBC peacock... I like the ones with multiple colors. Please make more. Thanks...

Calypso  ·  7 December 2008
I absolutely love both "inside the rainbow" wallpapers. Nicely done, Vlad.

qubra  ·  7 December 2008
world of wonders... ;)

stephanie  ·  21 January 2009
Perfect. Just what I've been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Amy  ·  21 February 2009
Same as the other Inside the Rainbow(no 134)

Giuly  ·  16 May 2009
A me questo sfondo mi è piaciuto così tanto che gli ho fatto una foto col cellulare e lo ho impostato come sfondo del mio telefono! Ciao a tutti e spero che vi sia piaciuto! ciao e tanti baci Giulia

Emma  ·  3 July 2009
Love the colors! This is what Im looking for. And I also Love the fact that its blending in every row of dimonds(?)! Like the fact that it comes in different colors!

rk  ·  7 July 2009

Ness  ·  8 September 2009
WOW it's to cool i wouldn't change a thing

  ·  4 November 2009

zooz  ·  14 December 2009
spactaculaaaa :)

yuki zr  ·  10 September 2012
gorgeous wallpaper

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