A Little Quetzal

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 October 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 (code name "Quantal Quetzal") is (almost) released, and I  am proud to say this is second release of Ubuntu OS that includes my wallpaper in default set! With a touch of Photoshop, I turned my little hummingbird into a quetzal :-)

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Kelcey  ·  19 October 2012
Once again you introduce me to a gorgeous little creature I've never seen before. Great work Vlad)

Нана  ·  19 October 2012
супер!мне очень нравится

CSRedRat  ·  19 October 2012
Классный Кетцаль!

Caro  ·  19 October 2012
Guau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es uno de los fondos de pantallas más hermoso que has hecho, me súper encantó!!!!! Eres genial!!!!, muchas gracias!!!!!!

Dojo  ·  19 October 2012
I love the picture, infact I chose your pangolin as my default wallpaper for 12.04 also :o) However I'm not a fan of the brown, so for 12.04 I committed the blasphemy of tweaking the colour palette to give everything an aubergine glow. Is there any chance you could produce a version of this with an aubergine background?

ana  ·  20 October 2012
really nice picture. love it :))

Maynor Marino Mijangos  ·  20 October 2012
Excelente, el ave nacional de mi pais, Guatemala, GRACIAS.

mogoh  ·  20 October 2012
Your work is amazing! =) I use Ubuntu and searched for the person who created this wallpaper and found you. And now, I see, you have even more amazing Wallpapers! Keep on! =) greetings from germany.

George Mariot  ·  20 October 2012
Excellent work, as always!

Flo  ·  22 October 2012
Amazing work! I'm using it, as well as the pangolin back then, as my wallpaper. Thanks a lot for this outstanding work!

Leo L.  ·  22 October 2012
Beautiful, as always. But I must say that the background color used in this one is almost the same as many others you released these past weeks. It becomes a little boring !

Hugo Rodriguez Samano  ·  23 October 2012
Excelente diseño... Colores perfectos. Muy tierno !!

Caline  ·  23 October 2012
I'm in love with this one Vlad! Great work, you are a wonderful artist.

treeone  ·  23 October 2012
классная обоина. и сайт клевый)

Bill  ·  26 October 2012
Vlad, your pictures are fantastic. Congrats on getting the 12.10 desktop.

Guillermo  ·  27 October 2012

Carlos Diaz   ·  29 October 2012
WOOOoooooOOOooW definitivamente esta hermoso! siempre hacen imagenes muuy lindas pero ahora si se mandaron ! El Quetzaltal ave simbolo de mi Guatemal!!!!!!!

cocafe  ·  11 November 2012

Клим Пустовит  ·  11 November 2012
Очень прикольный Кетцаль!

Vida Hernaus  ·  13 November 2012
Sweet! :)

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