The Merry Snowman (Plain)


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 November 2010
By request, this is the previous wallpaper without the noisy environment.

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Im :-)  ·  23 November 2010
Fantastic :)

Heidi  ·  24 November 2010
I liked the previous version a lot, but it was in fact a little too noisy. This one goes straight to my wallpaper changer. Thank you! :)

KYO  ·  24 November 2010

Ray  ·  24 November 2010
Thank you so much for making it Vlad :) This is great and I can use it now as wall. I hope you make it to a wallpaper clock like the previous one (the date and time were wonderful) :)

CecMed  ·  24 November 2010
Vlad, all your wallpapers are fabulous! Every year I wonder if you can create a Xmas w/paper for those people who are in Summer (hot and stinky). It's very nice to see Xmas with ice but here in Australia (NH) we usually are boiling. We'll be happy to have a Summer Xmas w/paper on our computers. Thanks heaps

Aron Gibellini  ·  27 November 2010
Very good CecMed. Im also from Australia, and it would be great to have a hot christmas wallpaper. It normally averages around "very hot" here in Australia, lol.

Mathias San Miguel  ·  1 December 2010
Amazing, i really like your WallPapers, but im bad lucky, i live in venezuela so i cant have dollars to pay you T.T

mohammad  ·  2 December 2010
where are u guy? we've awaited to see your artifice.

Ben  ·  2 December 2010
Love the walls man keep em coming. Where I live its freezing but a summer christmas thing would be sweet. Also I was wondering if you could make a christmas wallpaper with Polar Bears. That would be really great. Happy Christmas Vlad :)

A person with a comment   ·  2 December 2010
Yeah! polar Bears!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

RapTor  ·  8 December 2010
Хорошие обои,... у меня вопрос к Vlad Gerasimov: Вы из какой страны?

RapTor  ·  8 December 2010
Wonderful Wallpapers, but just a QUESTION for Vlad Gerasimov:Where are you from?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  8 December 2010
RapTor: ответ вы найдете на старотовой странице, в правой колонке!

RapTor  ·  8 December 2010

cat  ·  28 January 2011
Nice job. I love the playfulness of it.... it goes great with the weather I have now! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

High quality wallpapers  ·  21 April 2011
these are very nice and beautiful wallpapers..i really liked it.thanks to share with us…

sahar  ·  8 February 2012
عالییییییییییییییییییییی ممنون

mira  ·  15 November 2013
bagus sekali...

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