Full Moon in The Midnight Forest


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 July 2006
Please look at deep night with lights turned off! Trees shapes are done with ContextFree, everything else in Photoshop.

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Mikael from Sweden  ·  long ago
I only use your wallapapers in my computer .... you make me happy with your creativ work .. Thanx and greetings from Sweden :-D

asia  ·  long ago

haliga:)  ·  long ago
te tapety są zajebisteeee :D pozdrawiam:P

سجادsajj  ·  long ago
اوج فکر اوج هنر the top of the think .... the top of the art

koray  ·  long ago
iyi ayrıca kızlara slm

pari  ·  long ago
beautiful. thanks

meliss  ·  long ago
harikaa çok beğendim !!!! perfect!!!

sojan  ·  long ago
ooooooo super

mary  ·  long ago
it's very beautiful

Suzanne  ·  long ago
Love the wallpaper, but there is still a white line at the bottom of the widescreen versions.

ZEE-KRUPT  ·  long ago

Moo  ·  long ago
Freaky, but so good! the depth you created is amazing... I would have never thought of that!

hira  ·  long ago
i relly like dis cauz im mad abt MOOn

Emina  ·  long ago
Stunning! (L)

M  ·  long ago
Beautifully creepy and funny! It's decorating my desktop at the moment. Great work as always! (Y)

Joey  ·  long ago
Great job Vlad, stunning piece of work.

kim  ·  long ago
(Y) at the moment my favorite!! Greetings from Germany

iMan  ·  long ago

frankharriss  ·  long ago

Midhun  ·  long ago

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