How To Train Your Dragon: The Birth Of The Night Fury


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  6 April 2010
I almost missed How To Train Your Dragon movie in our cinemas, because it was not adversited well, but I finally watched it today. That was awesome! And I could not help but come up with my piece of fan art. This movie is perfect to  me in  so many ways, ahhh. Anyway, here is the work about the Night Fury.

ctr  ·  7 April 2010
Wow! Great work! I LOVE it!!

VladFan  ·  7 April 2010
Great accompaniment to the movie! I think it is better than the actual wallpapers made by DreamWorks! :D

philippe gabillot  ·  7 April 2010
Sorry for my english I'm french!!! Please stop for new wallpaper, I can't choose anyone for my computer (no it's a joke!) I do not know which to my computer. They are all more brilliant than each other.I change every day. Congratulations for your wonderful work. PS: Do us wait so long for the next wallpaper.

Andy  ·  7 April 2010
Glad to have you back and great job on this one! You should really slow down a little as I haven't got enough time to admire you other recent work :))

  ·  7 April 2010
So lovely~

Kelcey  ·  7 April 2010
This too cool:)

Orkydee  ·  7 April 2010
Soooo cute!!!! I love it!!!

Aziel  ·  7 April 2010
Wath a moon !

Heidi  ·  7 April 2010
This is perfect! I've seen the film just a few days ago and was looking for a nice wallpaper, but couldn't find any. Now I'm happy. Wonderful job! :)

J  ·  7 April 2010
How adorable!

Jordan  ·  7 April 2010
Cute and I loved the movie! I couldn't believe how good it was.

Eric D.  ·  7 April 2010
Wow. My girlfriend and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday and ALSO went to see it! What a... coincidence? I think not! Great job as usual, Vlad!

Maja Homen  ·  7 April 2010
I love it! :)

J Gilmour  ·  7 April 2010
Cute AND awesome!

upamanyu  ·  8 April 2010
can you please post a tutorial for this wallpaper

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  8 April 2010
upamanyu: I hope I will have some time to do that!

Tanja  ·  8 April 2010
Love it! :)

Sprogz  ·  8 April 2010
Dude, you have a real talent! I would also like to see a tutorial on how you made this (or any) of your work. I haven't watched this film so I don't really know how much of a likeness your dragon has to the one in the film - from Google images, yours looks like a more cute version? Did you do it from memory or work from an image from the film? Did you draw in pencil first (and scan) or do it all digitally? Anyway, good work :)

Sam  ·  8 April 2010
Oh my cuteness! I love it :)

Agnieszka  ·  8 April 2010
Your works are so funny and cute! I love 'em! I hope for more :)

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