Quiet Night

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 September 2009
In Siberia, winter came earlier than we could imagine. This artwork is dedicated to another long cold time of the year. Winter can be beautiful too, but I  am already looking forward to new summer! As always, Adobe Photoshop only. Trees shapes generated with the help of  my good old friend, Context Free program.

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Andrea Nuzzo  ·  19 September 2009
Pleeeeeeease, make it a clock! ç.ç

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 September 2009
Andrea - give me another couple of hours!

Claudia Lopez  ·  19 September 2009
Vlad, wonderful as usual!! You should tweet more!

Adam Moore  ·  19 September 2009
This is pretty cool. Deep and provoking.

Marc  ·  19 September 2009
It's already winter season in Siberia ?! And I thought that Canada had a harsh weather... Good luck with this winter to come

Andrey Kuroedov  ·  19 September 2009
Влад, как обычно - прекрасно! Прям зимой подуло...

TSiRKO  ·  19 September 2009
Wonderful! Here is still sunny! (GR)

Szabolcs Horvát  ·  20 September 2009
Oh, has the first snow really fallen there? It is only September!

Felicia  ·  20 September 2009
Beautiful! Thank you!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  20 September 2009
Thanks - the wall clocks are ready! Yes no one expected it would snow to early this year. Brrr...

Aud  ·  20 September 2009
This is absolutely beautiful! Love love love it!

Arthur Pustynin  ·  20 September 2009
Просто и потрясающе, именно тот тип ваших работ, что я обожаю. На обои и надолго.)

Heidi   ·  20 September 2009
This is extraordinarly beautiful and will for sure be on my desktop very soon. I love snow, and unlike you, we hardly ever have any. Well, now I have some, if only on my desktop. ;o)

Nick Ashley  ·  20 September 2009
Gorgeous as always!

Zhenya  ·  20 September 2009
Arthur Pustynin, да да да. Полностью согласен )

CJ  ·  20 September 2009
I LOVE your winter wallpapers. This one is fantastic!

Nuheen Khan  ·  20 September 2009
Hauntingly fabulous.

David Diaz  ·  20 September 2009
I LOVE IT! I am so going to buy a lifetime sub very soon!

Geoff Gilbert  ·  20 September 2009
Absolutely beautiful. Last time I was in Siberia, I was walking round in shirt sleeves at the beginning of October - all the best for winter

Uwe Eischens  ·  20 September 2009
Fantastic job, thank you for the clock and wallpaper!

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