A Quiet Song (Fragment)


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Vlad Gerasimov 18 January 2013
Alternative crop of previous wallpaper.
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Bill 20 January 2013
Leo Lapousterle 21 January 2013
Wow, I have to say I'm fascinated by this piece of work. This wallpaper's warm softiness helps me to deal with the winter's snow out there in Paris! Thank you :)
Tan Sigilwing Nguyen 23 January 2013
This is amazing! You're really something...
Mary 23 January 2013
Your works are outstanding,,,i just cant't say anything,,till now,,i've recommended this website to at least 20 ppl!!they are gorgeous
Alice 2 February 2013
wow.. your works are amazing... i have a lot your wallpaper in my mobile phone... i'm your fans!! you still amazing, vlad.. so i recommend this website to my friends... :-)
Lyra 5 February 2013
carrasco 6 February 2013
this is a very own way of self expression I'd like to say this are really masterpieces my respects to a great master
Shuvo 20 July 2013
lujza .... 6 October 2013
nic moc
Lib 23 February 2014
Ian 12 June 2014
Hello! I'm new here and I really appreciate all of the works you did. So yeah, how will I download this?
sj 2 May 2017
This is fantastic
krt 2 August 2019
hui liu 12 October 2020
so cute
Diane 22 May 2021
I paid for lifetime access now I can’t get in ...Help