Missing Her


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Vlad Gerasimov 11 February 2013
1. Download this wallpaper, and the other wallpaper - Missing Him. 2. Set one wallpaper on your computer/mobile device, and the other - on the computer/mobile device of your beloved one. 3. Now you can transmit love when you're away! 4. Happy coming Valentine's Day!
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John Doe 11 February 2013
Thank you very much!
Jeffrey Gilmour 11 February 2013
Very cute - thanks!
S 18 February 2013
Cute :P
Alberto De Armas 11 March 2013
Your unique style make me comeback every week. Keep making our machines looking better than others! I really like your art and recommend this site to every friend!
Vlad Gerasimov 11 March 2013
Alberto De Armas: thank you very much :-)
Kate 31 March 2013
Thank you very much
Huang Ji 12 July 2013
Really creative
Kamen Rider Power 1 September 2013
Tôi rất thích ! :))
Dina Meilani 23 October 2013
so cute
Светлана 22 January 2014
Это было здорово) собрала паззл)
fazil baig 24 March 2014
hehehe. Nice wallpapers and more funny http://glady-wallpapers.blogspot.com
lucy 1 January 2015
Victoria 25 September 2020