Self Portrait

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
now blue, and with self portrait!

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Jhoy   ·  long ago
YYAAa... New wallpaper. :) .. (going back three wallpapers.) ;)

Oleg  ·  long ago
Wow! That's cool!

Lizzie  ·  long ago
Wow! This is really cute! I absolutely LOOOOOVE all of your wallpapers... well most.. but thanks so much!

divya  ·  long ago
Cool i loved it i can see myself

undead faery  ·  long ago
Whoa...did you fill in all the little squares individually? *stares*

joeko  ·  long ago
(y) adorable, some of the best work I've ever come across... keep it up :-)

GZ  ·  long ago
WOW!!! Cool!!!

Ragen_Dragon  ·  long ago
Very Digital! (Y)

yuil  ·  long ago
:-) (n)

mark  ·  long ago
g-dogg (n)

damu  ·  long ago
cooooooooool (U)

RoSy  ·  long ago
that's very nice :-) 2aftaker enak batshaga3 7arkat el tecnology

D.Valentinov  ·  long ago
verry nice looking pictures,best vision,very proffesional work,my admiration

xscribblesx  ·  long ago
So revealing.... I thought we might have caught a little prespective on who you were...I guess we did :P lol

siddharth  ·  long ago
its the mirror ................. tht's creativity

demi  ·  long ago
Aren't we all 0110101001010101.... ?

Baphomet  ·  long ago

notMENTOR  ·  long ago
weeehooooo its me :-D

Snéhà   ·  long ago
;-) Unbeatable !

jeopardee   ·  long ago
are we looking in a mirror? very cute. with the title as self-portrait i expected to see one of Vlad. but eventually it was meant to appeal to the viewer, i suppose. :-)

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