Self Portrait 2009

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 August 2009
You might think it  is an awful idea to put someone else's self portrait on your desktop :-) But maybe you will like this kind of portrait! My mother says he looks very similar to  me :-)

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Adam Moore  ·  1 August 2009
Not too bad.

becca  ·  1 August 2009
first time i've commented on one of your amazing desktop wallpapers, but I gotta say I'm loving this one. Very cute and funny! Keep up the amazing work Vlad, your art definitely spruces up my desktop :)

Martin Stružský  ·  1 August 2009
Not too bad? :-O Vice versa! I love it, I love it, I love it! :-D Great job, Vlad. ;-)

Gavin Scott  ·  1 August 2009
I have had a problem with your last few images. I get the readed red x for the 2560x1600x2 image. Your images are just great as always :)

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  1 August 2009
You look very cute, Vlad!

Christian Engel  ·  1 August 2009
My girlfriend just said: "This looks like you!" :D It seems to me we look very much alike ;D

  ·  1 August 2009
Very nice desktop Vlad. Nerdy and cool all at the same time!

armanda  ·  2 August 2009
Draw a longer hair and it will look just like me ;)

mihaid  ·  2 August 2009
looks like me :)

Anusha  ·  2 August 2009
wow...I wudnt mind to put ur potrait as my wallpaper..afterall I can introduce to my friends and say..there u go..he is the creator...Cheers...! Thanks a lot again

dalibor  ·  2 August 2009
this portrait is pure you, Vlad. and we must believe to your mother

Jo   ·  2 August 2009
For someone without thumbs you have great computer skills!! (Just joking). I like it - it's fun!!

Crazy Man  ·  2 August 2009
good job!

Maira  ·  2 August 2009
So cute!!

Emilia  ·  2 August 2009
It makes me smile!! Cute!

  ·  2 August 2009
wow i like it

Marzieh  ·  2 August 2009
So cute!!

Jon  ·  2 August 2009
HAHA This really looks like me, cause I have a mouse connected to my laptop at the moment, I have dark short hair similar to that and I have these blacked-rimmed joke glasses that look just like that, strange!

Koushik  ·  2 August 2009
Very cute.. :D Nice work :)

Brenda  ·  3 August 2009
Very cute, I love it!

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