Vlad Gerasimov  ·  12 August 2005
... means a little snake, or snake child. I found these wonderful shapes at - font copyright Signalgrau.

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CESAR:  ·  long ago
Its a children s dream. Saludos desde México

Elli  ·  long ago

Cherry  ·  long ago
I love all your works. It's really awesome. Greetings from China. Hope someday you can make a trip to China. There are great stuffs that you can make fantastic works. 来自中国的问候!

homa  ·  long ago

mindy  ·  long ago
it's awesome! :-)

fad  ·  long ago

Jaume  ·  long ago
I´m from Catalonia. City of Barcelona. The chocolat and you´re younger, it´s probably you´re Inspiration. Pa amb xocolate. ;-)

Kris  ·  long ago
Hats Off Man!! ur work is really awesome..just love them..keep the good work going :-)

Strelac  ·  long ago
Beauifull, it keeps child in me alive :)

Hesham LRH  ·  long ago
U keep giving voice to the child that remains alive in all of us...just simple and bright. :-)

Jason  ·  long ago
Your creativity and imagination are a breath of fresh air. This, as with many of your works, is a wonderful conversation piece. I look forward to your future inspirations.

Rainer  ·  long ago
Einfach schön ....!! Weiter so..!! :-)

Pete  ·  long ago
Vlad, I love all your wallpapers, but this one just looks like something I wouldn't like to step in... literally!!! sorry (N)

Londra Düş Sokagı  ·  long ago
No Comment :-)

Mathias  ·  long ago
beautiful as always :) but i'm wondering if any of your wallpapers symbolize anything? A hidden message maybe ? :)

Ditmer  ·  long ago
Love the art! It brings many different stories to the minds of children....Keep them coming!!

Rina  ·  long ago
Wow! excelente!

Monika  ·  long ago
I absolutely adore your wallpaper. It's the only one of a kind that will go on my desktop. You are truly a talented artist. Blessings, Monika

Cristina  ·  long ago
It's already on my desktop :D

Matthias Heil  ·  long ago
Lovin' it!-)

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