Sketchbook - Natasha in Egypt


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  3 November 2008
I have a 9-year old niece, Natasha, and I made some of gel pen sketches for her. This wallpaper is one of these sketches. I scanned blank piece of paper, then scanned the pen sketch, and merged them in Photoshop. Wood texture from

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Anastasia  ·  4 November 2008
Great!!! Love this artwork very much! And love children too. They're always frank and open-hearted. I appreciate your work very much. Thanks a lot, Vlad!

Gareth   ·  4 November 2008
Hey Vlad this is a great wallpaper. if we could have a cpy with out the wood background and just the image that would be great. thanks

J  ·  4 November 2008
Wow! It is simple but lovely. My Dad got back from his trip around Egypt and Jordan today and it looks just like his photos :D It is really sweet to hear the little stories behind your pictures. :)

Andy  ·  5 November 2008
Just beautiful !

Hisham Sadek  ·  8 November 2008
Great Wallpaper Vlad =) .. Hope with Gareth to release a copy without the wooden background .. Thanks alot :)  ·  1 May 2010
thanks for a best wallpaper creat

Tamara  ·  18 September 2012
I am an artist and I cannot even draw a... Never mind. :-| /

GREAT  ·  25 April 2020

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