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Vlad Gerasimov 22 October 2008
This octopus plays Rachmaninov on sea bottom. Dedicated to Denis Matsuev, virtuosic pianist from Irkutsk, and all other virtuosic pianists :-)
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Jie Wang 22 October 2008
That's so awesome! I'm virtuosic + lyrical. I'm getting the wallpaper anyway. Thanks!
mkultra 22 October 2008
Jie Wang 22 October 2008
Hey Vlad - how about an "octopus gone mad" playing Liszt? Jie
abhishek 22 October 2008
common vlad, i know you could make a better octopus ! Maybe in the next version !!! The rest is class apart. Great, as usual.
abhishek 22 October 2008
... on a second glance, the sea bed is teriffic in that grey shade. ;)
A1Elements 22 October 2008
The octopus is so cute, There is a request, i know it's not the right place but would you please make an Icon for vladsudio for someone who wants to change his/her folder's icon to vladstudio, you made everything for your fans, such Wall Clocks, Mobile Walls, Posters and so many other things; would you please do it as well???
Kareem Khazem 22 October 2008
Vlad returns!! I love this one, the contrast between the grey and blue is quite effective. The octopus and piano are awesome too, the piano looks really vector-intensive Glad you're back to making good stuff :)
EmKa 23 October 2008
Wow_Vlad_Great_just_Geat!!!! I_love_it!
Life Seeker 23 October 2008
Binh Thai Nguyen 23 October 2008
This is so childish ... still very far from your usual standard ... awake your sleeping talents!
Scott 23 October 2008
Childish? I think it's great!
alicia:) 23 October 2008
this. is. AWESOME!!!
lenka 23 October 2008
leti 23 October 2008
I love it!!! thanks Vlad! :)
C H I E W 23 October 2008
amazing . . .
ping wang 23 October 2008
Katty 23 October 2008
I think it's really adorable. These colors are inspiring. Thank You :)
Cheezwhiz 23 October 2008
This wallpaper is SOOO amazing! I like the way you can see the shadows from the surface of the ocean on the seafloor. But why are there only seven legs on the octopus?
ANA M PRATAMPIT 23 October 2008
I love him Thanks
jk 24 October 2008
that's good!!!
Lefteris Sfakianakis 24 October 2008
Great sea bed. Nice shades of light coming from above. Desktop icons look perfect on that wallpaper (ideal for tired eyes). Great!!!
Troy 24 October 2008
I really like it!
Lisa Stephens 25 October 2008
Love it! Keep up the great work.
Katherine Appleby 25 October 2008
I LOVE IT!!! :) Brings a smile to my face every time!
mikeg 25 October 2008
Well, this is quintessential Vlad. Amazing combinations of color and texture, mastery of technique, whimsical theme and a cartoonish element somewhere in the composition. Sometimes the cartoonish aspect is well-integrated (as in "Punctuation") and sometimes it seems willfully incongruous or ironic, like graffiti slapped on top of a masterpiece. Like many here, I'm in love with Vlad's art. But living with the cartoon octopus is a struggle. At the same time, we must realize the composition would be empty, dark and lonely without it. At the risk of offending genius, I try to imagine our pianist without dark stripes and the bulging cartoon eyes replaced by classic Ray-Ban shades with burnt orange lenses. Would that work? Would "Pianist" still be recognizable around the world as a Vlad? If I could answer those questions, I might be creating popular works of art myself instead of slaving 9 to 5 [LOL]!
337 25 October 2008
Vlad, you're a genius!! I respect and admire your creativity. your playful characters in such beautiful colors and different scenes seem to take me, even if for a brief moment, away from whatever might be going on around me. I wonder why some of your fans can't just enjoy it for what it is. You give us all a glimpse into your imagination. I wouldn't change a thing.
Vlad Gerasimov 25 October 2008
Well, all I can say is - big thanks to all who suggest changes and to all who do not :-) While making an artwork, I try many different variants - with or without stripes, diffrent colors, positions, etc. The published artwork is the one that tells best what I wanted to say. So, sorry, I usually do not update published works. I hope you understand! Thanks.
mikeg 25 October 2008
I'm surprised to find any reaction to my comments, let alone from Vlad himself. Thanks for being gracious and welcoming of all feedback. What is really happening is my relationship with Vlad's work is becoming more personal, less superficial over the years. Unconditional praise is nice and usually quite sincere, but sparking of other imaginations is a power inherent in all true art. If one is daring enough, imagination naturally wonders in unique directions. This makes the world a more interesting place. By his work and his response here, Vlad seems to understand this. And I certainly understand no one else in the world can say what makes a Vlad--least of all me. I hope others can see that recognition in the somewhat humorous response to my own rhetorical question at the end of the post. Maybe someday I'll create digital art of my own. If so, I would certainly acknowledge Vlad as a major inspiration when showing it to the one or two people who might be kind enough to look at my work.
Scott Hurst 25 October 2008
Love it; excellent work, Vlad! I wonder how it would look without the octopus there. It'd be sort of like the wallpaper "Square Elephant Was Here".
Dalila 25 October 2008
Mohammed Korashy 25 October 2008
I don't know.. But I see the octopus in autumn colors and that's weird and looks so fantastic like a dream.
Ola 26 October 2008
I love Sergei Rachmaninoff, especially his 2nd piano concert, and i really enjoy this wallpaper. Good job :)
Justin Murray 28 October 2008
show the two some halloween love :)
Melinda from Hungary 28 October 2008
"I'd like to be Under the sea In an octopuses garden in the shade He'd let us in Knows where we've been In an octopuses garden near a cave" (The Beatles) this wallpaper is so cute I love ya Vlad!!!
Moo 29 October 2008
Maja Homen 1 November 2008
Adorable little fellow!
Andrea Traversa 5 November 2008
Fantastico! Grazie.
david 11 November 2008
best wallpaper I've seen
Garnele 26 November 2008
A-W-E-S-O-M-E, he looks so cute! Good that I just bought a lifetime licence :-)
hmyr 20 May 2009
hi,that's really good thanks but ı think there should be some notes in the bubbles shouldn't be? take care and go on! ;D
Sakdeep Marani 24 May 2009
I love water ones
18 June 2009
It's a socktopus!!!rnrnI love it:)
Dchozn1 1 July 2009
nice wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
korea 20 August 2009
음. 좋아요 ㅋ 나혼자 한국인?ㅋ
Sid 16 February 2010
Khatereh 27 January 2012
very nice! thanks
Lucas 27 April 2013
Adorei! :-D