Sketchbook - Natasha is fishing


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  3 November 2008
I have a 9-year old niece, Natasha, and I made some of gel pen sketches for her. This wallpaper is one of these sketches. I scanned blank piece of paper, then scanned the pen sketch, and merged them in Photoshop. Wood texture from

Deida  ·  3 November 2008
This desktop made my day. Thank you!

Anastasia  ·  3 November 2008
Great idea!!!!!! I'm out of words!)

白鲸  ·  6 November 2008
我太喜欢这张了。鱼儿像鸟儿一样在空中飞翔。 I like this one so much. The fishes fly in the sky like birds.

Sveta Kalinina  ·  8 November 2008
восхитительно ! :)

Dorottya Szabó  ·  11 November 2008
Ez nagyon aranyos! Gratula This is so cute congratz

high school musical  ·  16 November 2008
woooow i love that pint and fishes loooooooooolz :D

Miss K.  ·  27 November 2008
Your creativity is incredible! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art!

Olia  ·  3 September 2009
Похоже на мульт Ивана Максимова "Ветер вдоль берега"

Роман  ·  20 November 2009
Пелмяшка вдохновляет? =)

Kris  ·  2 September 2010
I have several tropical fish tanks and I often have a dream about fish floating in the air. I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Terrific!

krystalmyst  ·  7 May 2012
I'm NOT an artist(unable to even draw a decent looking circle!) And I know NOTHING about"Photoshop!" I don't know HOW this phenomenal art was created. Drawn? Generated somehow,or both? DOESN'T MATTER! You have NO idea how badly I needed to smile & art is one of thosee magical gifts given to us all that just makes you feel,well...MAGICAL! I *SINCERELY* THANK YOU for sharing YOUR gift! There aren't any,or enough words to decribethe MAGICAL effect sharing your art truely does have,so again "THANK YOU!"

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