Snow Leopard (With Text)

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Vlad Gerasimov 27 August 2009
This is the version of  my Snow Leopard wallpaper with text. The new version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, is coming tomorrow, so  I wanted to celebrate it with new artwork. Hope you like it! UPDATE: Snow Leopard icon! Download icon (Windows, Mac, PNG) Download Adium Dock Icon You can put this icon to folder or app on your computer, or use as avatar. Note - this is for personal use only! Please contact me if you have questions.
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Rachel 27 August 2009
AW! So cute anda small :D
Rachel 27 August 2009
He looks like a fluffy cat!!! Love it! :)
Dimian 27 August 2009
So Sweet kitty =) I like it so much !!!!! =)
Kevin Tomasic 27 August 2009
A bit foo foo for my taste but nicely done!
Maria 27 August 2009
nice-nice-nice :))) thanks!
27 August 2009
Roberto Estrella 27 August 2009
Nice Work!! Hey Vlad. Do you know de TUX ?? Tux is the official mascot of the Linux operating system. Tux in Crystal 1st revision it's similar to Snow Leopard of you
Daniele Mambelli 28 August 2009
Why this wallpaper have "VLADSTUDIO" signature in High quality mode?
Nue 28 August 2009
So cute
Robert Marton 28 August 2009
With or without text, it's absolutely awesome!!! :D
Jean Maurice Bayle 28 August 2009
Excellent design comme toujours ! Merci
Patrick Vittitow 29 August 2009
thanks for keeping us so up to date vlad,we love you and what you are doing! Getting ready for the 26,000 year sync date.Its great to see your new work!
yoni 29 August 2009
adorable gatito.
Tan 30 August 2009
preciosooooo preciouuuus
Neden! 31 August 2009
Windows 7 için neden yok? Windows 7 için de yap :D
CS 1 September 2009
João Carvalhinho 1 September 2009
love it!... used it... and abused it :)
3 September 2009
Thank you, Vlad! Such a cute wallpaper!
15 September 2009
Je l'adore jtm vladstudio
Jens Koehn 19 September 2009
I love it! Just installed the 10.6 update so i've got a new Wallpaper already :)
Vincent 24 September 2009
Merci, c'est super ! Continuez !
Maikel Warmerdam 27 September 2009
Very nice dude ;)
jacky 30 September 2009
so ´sweet
julie 6 December 2009
makes me laugh every time , love it !
Alex 10 December 2009
Слово ОБОИ не имеет единственного числа (эта обоя - умора!)
अ๑ .The Great Red Dragon εїз 22 December 2009
Snow Leopard es un excelente wallpaper para quienes aman el Leopard de MAC
cseh sándor 12 October 2010
13 April 2011
Lovely! :D