The Fox And The Moon

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 November 2010
Another wallpaper to promote my book, Who Stole The Moon?. The book in  on sale now, ready for immediate shipping! Check it out at
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Minh Vu 6 November 2010
Awesome picture. Love it. Keep up the excellent work.
Robin Bagley 6 November 2010
I love the little purple buggy guys!
Terri Free 6 November 2010
I just ordered the book for my granddaughter Mackenzie, for a Christmas gift. She loves animals so that was a plus. I am anxious to see it myself....Vlad, thanks for all you do....Terri
Jasmin Zinaja 6 November 2010
I'm so glad I bought lifetime membership. Great wallpaper.
Giovanni Cucumazzo 6 November 2010
inventiva al 100%....... great job!!!
Stephen Aston 6 November 2010
I love your work!!!! Your amazing!
Enzo 6 November 2010
So Cute!
leksmar 6 November 2010
Прекрасно,как всегда!
Wilmaatje 6 November 2010
Beautiful!!!!! Could you please please, make a wallpaper clock out of this one!!! It's stunning.
kruzlsee 7 November 2010
great... love it! thax
tamalita 7 November 2010
love it! thank you!
Vida Hernaus 8 November 2010
wonderful :)
Светлана Калинина 8 November 2010
Вот это - обалдеть! :) А ЧАСЫ?????? Можно такие часы?
AMPIT 8 November 2010
Fantastic. When will be published the spanish version? and who will be the publisher? I would like very much to have a copy to be used in my workshops on children literature.
stan 8 November 2010
O my God, i love this picture!! Thanks
Dark1w 8 November 2010
Круто !!, спасибо.....
mohammad 8 November 2010
i'm iranian, i love your work, you are realy great artist! دست دارم !
Peter Brennan 8 November 2010
Well done Vlad. Original as always and it is a pleasure to support the book.
fox 9 November 2010
jupiiii I have my own wallpaper, i am so popular in our fairy-tale world now :) i am in book and also i have wallpaper :)) happy happy :) Vlad i am really beuatiful on this picture, thank you so much :)
Carmen 9 November 2010
Beautiful!!!!!Love it! Thank you very much Vlad and big kiss from Croatia! :)
melany 14 November 2010
queste fotografie sono bellissime
cobalt 15 November 2010
мне промосайт очень понравился, не видел раньше такого, жжешь как всегда :)
michal 16 November 2010
milujem tu lisku!! (i love the fox with the moon! i have it everywhere - in mobile, in home PC, in work PC, in notebook. And still when i see on it i am so glad! :)))
Patricia Chapin 21 November 2010
I will have to get this book, Beautiful!
Patricia Chapin 21 November 2010
Bob 6 December 2010
um.... fox who let you out of your rubber room?
vincent van der Kaaij 19 December 2010
Facing the Moon :-)
29 December 2010
'THe dog earing moon' is mention of the movie 'The Dull-Ice Flower' Genius boy painter expression 'Lunar eclipse' so 'The dog eating moon'.
Vit Svarc 29 December 2010
I am glad that I ordered the book, the pictures are perfect. If you need translation to czech language, you can contact me.
Mara 5 January 2011
completely in love with your work !! kisses from romania
Beee 4 July 2011
wonderful !!!
نت 1 December 2011
pau 22 December 2011
the picture is a story by itself
Bryan Jones 29 September 2012
The iPhone 5 version is corrupt? I get half the image, but the bottom half is just red?
Vlad Gerasimov 30 September 2012
Bryan Jones - just checked, iPhone 5 image loaded fine!
Bryan Jones 2 October 2012
It's weird, on the iPhone 5 the bottom half of the image loads corrupted (well, bright red), but on the iMac the iPhone 5 version loads fine. I'll save on the iMac and transfer. Thanks. Love your work.
lioni 5 May 2014
This type of wallpaper are supported by Wallch on Linux desktops.
ricardo 16 June 2014
sou foda 16x10
ç_حخهتخحت 29 June 2015
Sobe 13 January 2016
In love with your art all the way down in the Caribbean
jecca 3 November 2018
So beautiful!!!!God,i love this,thank you:)