They Stole The Moon (Version 2008)

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Vlad Gerasimov 4 April 2008
Long ago, when I was young kid, I made a wallpaper called They Stole The Moon. I  am still the kid :-) but not as young, and I wanted to re-make it with my (hopefully) improved Photoshop skills. To  my surprise, it turned out to  be completely different wallpaper, but maybe that's better!
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Raymond 4 April 2008
Unbelievable beautiful
Ioanna 4 April 2008
BJ 4 April 2008
This is amazing, I love it!! Thanks for sharing all of your talent. Blessings-BJ
Janko Falli 4 April 2008
love it ;)
InternetG33k 4 April 2008
Completely different means I love both versions for completely different reasons! Gorgeous job, as always!
Michal Stružský 4 April 2008
:-D :-D :-D one of the funniest wallpapers ever 8-) great work :-)
Arthur Pustynin 4 April 2008
Brilliant! Потрясающе!
Rob Schultz 4 April 2008
I love it. Do you have the original for comparison? I think we'd all love to see the evolution of "They Stole The Moon".
Lili 4 April 2008
Wow...Really cool !!! Thanks for your work ;-)
A1Elements 4 April 2008
I love The Two series of ur wallpapers, this one is beautiful.
Kevin Olson 4 April 2008
A Clock of this wallpaper would be awesome.
Adri 4 April 2008
Where did the giraffe go?
Buddy 4 April 2008
I don't think this is very good, your other stuff isn't great either. You're an average artist, you should try real art instead of noodle-ing around on the computer.
Richard Brown 4 April 2008
replying to buddy..... you are a idiot!!!! Vlad amazing again. Your desktops are wonderful best thing i have ever bought online was a lifetime subscription for your site.
Martin Stružský 4 April 2008
Poor one Buddy, if you don't like this site, simply do not visit it (as no one forces you) and let others to enjoy Vlad's amazing work ;-)
Sebastian 4 April 2008
This one is really nice! But i like you previous "they stole the moon" better. The other one feels more mystical in some way :) How old are you by the way?
AMPIT 4 April 2008
Yes you are impruving, no doubt, but the older one was also nice. We loved it and now this one is wonderful. Keep trying, some years more it will be just perfect, but perhaps not so very nice as now.
Omid 4 April 2008
I love the old version and the new version they are beautiful
Melody Liu 4 April 2008
one word. BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT!!!
Justin Murray 5 April 2008
awesome work vlad! id love to see the original concept..
Claudia Lopez 5 April 2008
Impressive AS ALWAYS, I totally agree with Richard Brown, my subscription to your website is the best money I have ever spent online EVER! Buddy, you should have your eyes checked! Wonderful work Vlad!!! Keep marveling us as you usually do!
Alucard.G 5 April 2008
haha,Stole The Moon cool... "Buddy, you should have your eyes checked!" right!
Mark 5 April 2008
Very nice!
mashim 5 April 2008
very good
Marco ten Hoff 5 April 2008
Verry very nice Vlad! I love it!
stefo 5 April 2008
Um... the original may have been a crappy photoshop work, but it had heart. The trippy looking giraffe and aborigines were crucial to it, and now you replace them with your standard fisher price gnomey things? Disappointing, man.
Avi 5 April 2008
awsome work and great imagination.
Vladimir Mastilovic 5 April 2008
if it could be done in green, would be even more :D
Suzanne Skinner 5 April 2008
Agree with stefo.
Pawell 5 April 2008
I like this work in general, but bugglers should be dann in "Two" style like your previos works, I guess. But it is very nice too.
JENNIFER 5 April 2008
muy lindo! me encanto
Drax 5 April 2008
This one is better than the early one. I love the colours and the robbers are cute.
Cristina 6 April 2008
the first one was ... no ... it is still one of my favourites wallpapers!! simply perfect!! This one is cute .. but looks like something's missing in it and I'm not talking about technique but about feelings in it.
Ola 6 April 2008
It is osweomne. I LOVE it.
Tatjana 6 April 2008
Amazing !
Rita 6 April 2008
Nice, but still the first one is my favourite!!! It's always on my desktop :)
kelli 6 April 2008
this is amazing. soo cute and it reminds me of a book i read when i was little. beautiful art.
В.В. Путин 7 April 2008
Круто! Спасибо.
Bakaliaros 7 April 2008
I like it very much...
Mohammed korashy 7 April 2008
This is my ultimate favourite now . .
Veronika 7 April 2008
Very nice one! There's actually a book "Stolen Moon" by a Czech writer Ludvík Aškenazy. It's a not-ony-for-children fairy tale - I think that would suit you, wouldn't it, Vlad :) I wish you and your family all the best!
evi 8 April 2008
This illustration is really nice :) Thanks
evi 8 April 2008
I like the blue color
Minh Chanh 8 April 2008
Love it, color is nice. But the older version is good too
Mufaddal 8 April 2008
Yessssssss!!! Blluuuuuue!!! After so long Vlad - and you knock our socks off again..... brilliant!!!! This one looks way crisper than all the older ones? a kind of clarity not seen before - maybe thats just me or is the cintiq working its magic? I hope you're not abandoning the Two?
Leti 8 April 2008
:) I love the color
peter 8 April 2008
so cool :-)
Vilynk 8 April 2008
i like the thin curly lines in the back. this one's great just like the other one
NeO 9 April 2008
that's awesome dude!!
Marysia 9 April 2008
Just like the Polish president and his twin brother. Very interesting :) (they really played those two, who stole the moon, they're dwarfs... hmmm, I just don't know who might be this third one :D ) Apart from those political connotations for polish viewers it is georgeous indeed :)
DelaVega 9 April 2008
G?rard Raufast 9 April 2008
Super .. vraiment cool
zena 10 April 2008
verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice u r perfect I LOVE IT
LUNA 10 April 2008
They stole Me..........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD LUNA = MOON
Kevin (Latin America) 12 April 2008
Simplemente Mágico, pienso que si llegara hasta la luna no quisiera regresar quisiera quedarme ahi viendo la tierra. Me recuerda la canción de savage garden - To The Moon & Back --- Google translation --- Simply Magical, I think that if you go to the moon would not want to go back I would stay there watching the earth. It reminds me song ( savage garden - To The Moon & Back ) Thanks for thinking of Spanish speakers
fullah from Saudi 13 April 2008
brilliant artistry. Thanks to the artist. We need people with vision.
:: saathiyaana : 14 April 2008
very uncommon..!! very unique..!! really outstanding..!! ps:i have seen this one on caedes recently uploaded by you.!! i have done same comment hear also..very glad to meet you sir vlad..!! 15'apr'08
Predrag Pecenica 16 April 2008
my friend has original as wallpaper since the begining ... and I like the original ... and when I saw it, in a 5 sec it became my wallpaper, as on work laptop, as on home PC ... so do not have to say what is my opinion about it [masterpiece] Vlad, Vlad, Vlad ... один цвет
xo 18 April 2008
Marissa Brightside 18 April 2008
I love it!!!!!!! this is so beautiful!!!
Jie Wang 20 April 2008
So cool!
derya ekmen 22 April 2008
I like your background decorations!
bvk 22 April 2008
very good work.all the best
Troy 28 April 2008
sick beens
maan 1 May 2008
nh_dt133 5 May 2008
it very nice
Aadi 6 May 2008
Nice one indeed!!
darkcat 7 May 2008
your works is really very good. i enjoy it.. thanks for all the good stuffs.
Marithé 16 May 2008
me gustó mucho la imagen de la luna, me gustaría que hicieras muchas más parecidas, pero tampoco iguales
SUNata 2 June 2008
Именно после этой работы я заинтересовалась Вашим творчеством. Она потрясающая!
syazana 9 June 2008
a 11 June 2008
this is amazing but it would look better if the ground and sky were more different
Toby 20 June 2008
Onur 12 July 2008
This is wonderful!! I love it!!
Akir@ 14 July 2008
mahdi 17 August 2008
perect...... really perfect perfect mind & perfect performanc
worrne 9 September 2008
wheab 22 October 2008
perect...... really perfect perfect mind & perfect performanc
qubra 9 November 2008
steal this moon..! ;) very nice....
Yoda 19 November 2008
Great ideas you have...
Endy 22 December 2008
Ridiculous. You're sick good, dude.
Ha shi ra 15 May 2009
how did you do that? it's perfect let me know how to work with the software
rahul 29 July 2009
nice ...................i like
Maggie 16 January 2010
I like your work, it's so funny!
April Tyler 17 February 2010
A master piece! I love it!
Yasmin 19 February 2010
This one is my favorite on the site. Hey, I was wondering if I could use parts of this picture to make a banner for my blog? I'm completely remaking it with a new name, and I want to call it 'They Stole the Moon'. Obviously I'd give you credit and post the link to this picture on the sidebar.
Vlad Gerasimov 20 February 2010
Yasmin: please contact me with details. Thanks.
champa 18 March 2010
awesome.damn cool....
Juliana 5 April 2010
Achei muito criativo, e bonito também :)
linda andrade 18 April 2010
congratulations, it's amazing !!!
wik 6 May 2010
erm... condoms?
Nazish 1 August 2010
Its beautiful. I recently discovered your site and way too impressed ! I'm a photographer and have some skills at photoshop for photoediting only. Can you kindly tell me how do you make such awesome drawings on Photoshop?
Uday Kiran K 22 September 2010
You are awesome designer...
Moni 14 December 2010
Its the best art Ive ever seen! Its also your best work! Love this!
GRAF 23 December 2010
Круто :)
mehdi 29 January 2012
very nice imagination...
MD MONIRUZZAMAN 20 February 2012
Just purchased premium account for life time for this wallpaper!!!
Fousty 4 April 2012
So Nice! I love it the first time i saw it.
doria abdullah 21 July 2012
this is adorable. using this as my desktop b/g :) thanks so much!
Priyadarshini.B 18 April 2013
i love wallpaper
Rosemoon 22 April 2013
Super :)
Gonzalo J. Trancho 31 March 2019
Me encanta la sencillez de tus propuestas. Los dibujos son fantásticos. Resulta muy simpático el modo de exponer ideas creativas
yiannis haloudis 30 September 2019
i like it........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eva 14 December 2020
I love it