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Vlad Gerasimov 7 April 2008
I came to visit my friends, musicians in the orchestra. We were looking through some music scripts, when the notes suddenly started taking off paper and flying around! I had camera with me  so I immediately took this photo!
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Brett Simon 7 April 2008
Again, music becomes a stunning subject for visual art. Kudos, Vlad.
Seung-Cheol Jung 7 April 2008
nice story, awesome art. you rocks, vlad! :-)
Martin Stružský 7 April 2008
very simple, but very nice though :-)
Portugalvega 7 April 2008
I like and i'm became a big fun of all your wallpapers. For when a wallpaper reference to the art of dance(ballet)?
Chaeseok Lim 7 April 2008
I like it ! I like it !! Thanks Vlad~ ^ ^
Arthur Pustynin 7 April 2008
Не фанат такого типа обоев.
Jynrya 7 April 2008
Vlad... don't you ever stop doing what you do! I simply love your artwork and I check up on your site every day, eagerly awaiting what you've come up with next!
Par 7 April 2008
Great Work! I love all of your art. I can't help pointing out that the stems on the last two notes are wrong in this picture. Doesn't really matter, just looks a little funny if you're a musician...
Moo 8 April 2008
You never cease to amaze. I love how you can make anything into art! To Par: I noticed that too :)
Xin Yu Yao 8 April 2008
wow...I like the idea of the notes coming off the paper so much! it gives me the feeling that music is playing around me! this is so great! keep it up vlad!
sammie 8 April 2008
Vlad--I absolutely love all of your work, but I have to ask: do you play an instrument? from all your references to them in wallpapers, I would think that you do.
sikiel 8 April 2008
this is great!! i love your work!! i started to change my wallpaper every day just to admire them :) Thank You
iomizmmo 8 April 2008
Awesome... greetings from PR
JO 9 April 2008
Very Good!!
adam willis 9 April 2008
Thank you so much!!!
Andy 9 April 2008
Thank you ;)
Paolo 9 April 2008
Mozart ? ..... Beethoven ?.... mmhhh .... Bach !!
Sebastian Schäfer 9 April 2008
I like this a lot, unfortunately it is not very convincing. In sheet music, notes are either on a line or in the free space between the lines. If you have a look at the the second to last bar (where the notes are not already flying) can can see that the last note is only a little bit above the line but note really in the blank space and the two notes before it take two positions within the same blank space - which is entirely impossible and does not make sense to me as a (hobby) musician. I wonder if you could change this in this otherwise excellent wallpaper?
ilias 9 April 2008
very nice
G?rard Raufast 9 April 2008
Que serait la vie sans un son ! et ce magnifique guide universel que la partition
Erin 10 April 2008
I am having my first child next month and her name is going to be Melody... love the wallpaper! :)
Leti 10 April 2008
my favorite!!! thanks Vlad :)
Velimir Saban 12 April 2008
Very Nice
Robert B 14 April 2008
I love it!
Jaideep Nadkarni 20 April 2008
Subtle and inspiring, as music would be to our ears.
Mcpeter 21 April 2008
Literally bring the music to life! Simplistically brilliant! :)
Rit@ 27 April 2008
i don't like music so i don't like this wallpaper but the notes flying is a good idea............... :( :-(
Pedro 28 April 2008
cool name is pedro
Mariya K-W 14 May 2008
@ Sebastian Schäfer: Well, I had no idea about all that, and I guess 95% of other visitors didn't have a clue either. This did not prevent us from loving the ART ;)
anohita 15 May 2008
cool do u creat that kind of awesome vlads!!!
wenyong 27 May 2008
none 11 June 2008
i said before that u are creative and genus :P
mahdi 17 August 2008
very beautiful. you have a pefect mind. thank you
DOHA 25 August 2008
irem 28 August 2008
çok güzel favorim bu=)
1998 28 August 2008
i think it good
Dhawal Vaghela 20 October 2008
Vlad, I've been visiting your site for quite a while now (years?), and it just occurred to me for the first time - I would like to see what you look like!! Can you please put up a photo on the about page?
Riq 15 November 2008
Loves your endless creativity! VLADD! Thanks! You deserves the highest compliments from all your fans all over the world! PEACE! God Bless VLADD! SAT 15 Nov 2008
Grace 2 May 2009
This is very inspirational! Just like all your other pieces of art. Keep up the fantastic job!
Mykkie K 16 May 2009
i must say this is very beautiful. Though like Sebastian, I too am a musician and there are some theory mistakes, along with what was mentioned is that the note stems should be facing downwards and on the left side if it is on the B line (middle line). The concert bflat (the bottom note) is correct. But i still really enjoy looking at this picture. I have always thought of these pictures but never found one that was balanced properly. But you got it down.
gallis 28 October 2009
laura 7 February 2010
it's amazing!!!!
miruna adela 6 December 2010
omg! very interesting...
Add the Bassonist 5 February 2012
I love it!! I have been looking for a music wallpaper for my screensaver!! Thanks Vlad!!!
Helen 1 March 2012
Love the way the notes "pop" off the page!
Sean Chen 12 March 2012
khahar toofani 19 May 2013
prefect !
melodi edite 15 June 2013
muito bom gostei muito ainda mais por o meu nome ser mélodi
Jesus 8 August 2020
I love it