Typographic World Map

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 December 2008
I love drawing world maps! This time, shape of each country is represented by its name.

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Anita  ·  15 December 2008
Ha! The first one this time :) It's a great idea, Vlad! Loooove it :D

Yuriy Gerasimov  ·  15 December 2008
That's incredible. Really.

Richard  ·  15 December 2008
Super cool. I gotta buy the poster of this.

Feng Wang  ·  15 December 2008
Full of inspiration!

qubra  ·  16 December 2008
very very interesting :)

James Egli  ·  16 December 2008
Very nice, Vlad! Could you do a dual screen version for Mac?

AMPIT  ·  16 December 2008
I like it very much. Thanks. Perhaps try some other colors as well. -

Manyk  ·  16 December 2008
Outstanding Vlad! Thank you so much for this.

Arielle  ·  16 December 2008
One of a kind. One has to be truly an artist to think of doing something like this. Wonderful & amazing.

Tim  ·  16 December 2008
I got a request for your next map. Can you do one where each country is labeled as what the natives of that country call it. For example Spain would be Espana (which the wavy line over the n) while the U.S. would still be called the United States and Germany would be Deutschland I think. I hate it when I have to say Estados Unidos is Spanish because I think that the United States should be called the United States, I'm sure some people in Europe feel the same way.

Soleil  ·  16 December 2008
Great idea, Vlad! But where is Armenia? Not even tiiiiny letters, not even a single letter, nothing! You've just cleared out my country from the world map :))) In fact, there is some space, you could add at least an A or Arm... or you risk to lose some of your returning visitors! :P

  ·  16 December 2008
Супер! Мне понравилось

Lukas  ·  16 December 2008
That's so fu**ing awesome :D

marcus  ·  17 December 2008
First to Soleil, do you know how many country's there are in the world... if vlad did put on every country a name, he has to use a microscope to put them there and you for reading it. I thought that Soleil was the french word for SUN,so if you are not happy that there's no letter A on the map of Armenia you have to chance your name to CLOUD, no hard feelings I just wanted to say that... Second to Vlad, again a lovely masterpiece for us to enjoy...;) Q: F1,next time? Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

Leti  ·  17 December 2008
Venezuela looks very nice, thanks Vlad!

Tusnelda  ·  17 December 2008
Different, but I like it! Well done, Vlad!

Ronnie  ·  17 December 2008

Stas  ·  17 December 2008
Soleil, если уж на то пошло, то для Азербайджана там места больше ;-).

wjy  ·  17 December 2008

Warofart  ·  18 December 2008
Amazing concept. Well executed.

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