Vlad Gerasimov  ·  27 April 2004

DoToEvSkY  ·  long ago

Kruppt  ·  long ago
Very Nice Image Kruppt

Princess  ·  long ago
It took my breath away!!

reni  ·  long ago
it's ok

Bullet  ·  long ago

cincir  ·  long ago
blue is the my favourite color...ı love it so much...it s the beatıful pıcture i like it i like it....:D :D :D

fdsf  ·  long ago

Dino  ·  long ago
very nice work..

drummerboy  ·  long ago
Pretty freakin' sweet:-P

Nick  ·  long ago

Zsa Zsa  ·  long ago
Beautiful!!!! On my page :) Love it

Amie  ·  long ago
Just beautiful! For a long time now Ive been looking for a site with original and inspirational wps-this is IT!! Ive thoroughly enjoyed ur site and LOVE the wps! Keep up the fantastic work! Im going to make this my one-stop-wallpaper-shop :)

lindsay  ·  long ago
omfg i love it sooooooooooo much its so pretty. BUBBBLES!!!!!!

mchkewlr  ·  long ago
I loooooove blue so much... and I also like water so, I really like this one. The bubbles are cool too! (L) :-) ;-)

raissa  ·  long ago

skyisblue  ·  long ago
omg....i'm really impressed....i never saw before such divine combinations of blue coulour with this great result...so well worked...you really have a deep artist soul.....and a beautifull inside as person, no doubt!!! ....i really loved the bubbles...great result!!!

siddharth  ·  long ago

stefani (bratty)  ·  long ago

bobby  ·  long ago
thank you so much;its wonderful

anoniem  ·  long ago
want nu krijg ik een heel vaag plaatje als achtergrond!:S:S

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