Vlad Gerasimov  ·  20 September 2007
It has been super busy weeks, making the clocks! Now that clocks are published, I have some more time for usual wallpapers :-) This one is about the violin, the magical instrument. This is not a photo! Made entirely in Photoshop (except wood texture).

lissy long legs  ·  long ago
i love it i even play it , it looks like mine!

Mohammed Korashy  ·  long ago
We really missed your beautiful wallpapes So So So Nice wallpaper and the clocks too I guess I should make acredit card Soon

Vera  ·  long ago
It's amazing, vlad. I love music!

moo  ·  long ago
Wow... this is beautiful...

Gary  ·  long ago
Nice Vlad! Any chance of a guitar version? :)

Anna  ·  long ago
Cool wall love it i love art you have for art indeed

Emily  ·  long ago
Beautiful! Absolute perfection! I play cello and my sister plays violin. This might be my wallpaper for life... or until your next wallpaper is out.

Jaideep  ·  long ago
Yet another classic masterpiece! Magnificent!!!!!!!!

Edward  ·  long ago
Wonderful art, but isn't that piano music in the background?

megan  ·  long ago
wooow this is beautiful wallpaper ... love it

dandy lad  ·  long ago

Bilal  ·  long ago
sorry you i,dont speace english i,m a iranin boy me id is>>>(pasha_khan1365)bye

jenepooh  ·  long ago
Oh my! This is absolutely breathtaking! You are a very talented artist! Thank you so much!

vickarasu  ·  long ago
So...beautiful! *_* This wallpaper rules!

rani  ·  long ago

Naveen  ·  long ago

George  ·  long ago
Seriously, it's wonderful!! I only wish that their was a trumpet version...

iV4  ·  long ago
Utsukushii!! I'm a violin lover 'n' thiz arts is wonderfull.

çakmut  ·  long ago

f_e_l_i_s  ·  long ago
òàêàÿ ìèëàÿ...

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