Airbus A380


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  21 August 2009
This is more 'technical' wallpaper and less 'artistic'. With this work, I'd like to express my deep respect to air industry. I enjoy traveling, and I'm lucky to live at times when it's possible to travel around the world like never before. As always, created in Adobe Photoshop, with extensive usage of Pen tool.

MeP  ·  21 August 2009
I'm first!))) P.S. It’s great. It’s about wallpaper.:)

Paolo  ·  21 August 2009
Is this a 3D model ? ... I think not ... Very good work Vlad !! P.

Matthew Bentley  ·  21 August 2009
I have friends who sweat blood and tears to get that thing off the ground. This is a wonderful rendition!

LukeSkyWalker  ·  21 August 2009
Good work Vlad.

Per Edin  ·  21 August 2009
Wonderful! A perfect match for Windows 7! :)

Andy Max  ·  21 August 2009
Brilliant, glad you are staying true to your style. I was expecting something more photo like, happy that it isn't. Love your work and use the wallpapers on my Acer Aspire One everyday. Inspirational.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  21 August 2009
Paolo: no it is not 3D model. I took a photo for reference, and re-created it from scratch using Photoshop Pen tool, gradients and soft brushes. Thanks!

Martin Stružský  ·  21 August 2009
It's been a while since your latest wallpaper. :-O However, I love this one, good job – as always. ;-)

Michael Mingo  ·  21 August 2009
Beatiful wallpaper Vlad - love the colors.

Kaz  ·  21 August 2009
This is really beautiful. The detail on the plane is meticulous and looks very real, and I love the atmosphere and clouds as well, looks like a clear morning or dawn. I know you say this is more technical, but I think it still retains the arty touch, especially with the cool shockwaves from behind the engines. I love it

Jose Daniel  ·  21 August 2009
Impressive! great work Vlad... It would be a nice detail if you add some clouds over the ocean... I know the wallpaper its about the Airbus, but the clouds would add more realistic detail... It's just an idea... :)

Matthew Johnson  ·  21 August 2009
TWO thumbs up.

Jaydeep Kulkarni  ·  21 August 2009
Nice theme Vlad. Would love to see more wallpapers with the plane theme.

Marco  ·  21 August 2009
Unbelievable Vlad, you'er such a talented person, just fantastic!

luca micaglio  ·  21 August 2009
now we need some boeing plane......bye

Arthur Tan  ·  22 August 2009
love it!

Guillermo Rico  ·  22 August 2009
Very nice. But you forgot the light on the left wing... ;) Why you don´t create the same plane over cities, or... by night. You take too long from the last work. We miss you, guy!

Logan  ·  22 August 2009
I would love to see if you could do the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner as well. Boeing release early drawings of the Boeing 787 and they look really kewl. I think it would be really kewl if you could recreate these mockup pictures with the blue around that body.

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  22 August 2009
More technical, less artistic? I still see it as an incomparable work of art!

Hermenegildo  ·  22 August 2009
Can you do it without that lines behind motors?

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