Alien and Chameleon

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 May 2008
Chameleon was looking for a friend when he met an alien :-) As always made in Photoshop. Also browse wallpapers gallery for more Chameleon wallpapers!
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Callum Macdonald 6 May 2008
Seung-Cheol Jung 6 May 2008
Wow! I love this series LOL
lool 6 May 2008
Arthur Pustynin 6 May 2008
Моя любимая серия, без вариантов. Как только мне надоела первая обоина - вы сделали вторую с улиткой. Как только мне захотелось чего-нибудь связанного с космосом и в синих тонах - вы опять исполняете мое желание. Как вам это удается?=)
Martin Stružský 6 May 2008
Nice series, will it be more than a trology? :-)
lisa 6 May 2008
This series is so fun! I miss my membership! I'll be back!
Mark Allshouse 6 May 2008
Fantastic! Very funny, too.
Zep3 6 May 2008
I love this concept ;) featured on guipulp for help you :D I hope you appreciate this: 6 May 2008
yes :) super :D
Charles 6 May 2008
surprise~~! It's very nice series for me
Jennifer Gruber 6 May 2008
Luki 6 May 2008
Ich finds geil!!
Lucia 6 May 2008
I love this Chameleon's wallpapers , so original ^^
isecore 6 May 2008
Best of the series. So funny and charming!
Oziel 7 May 2008
And so on and so forth. In short, U R the best. Thx bro'...
Moo 7 May 2008
Haha yes! It's so cute and charming, especially when compared to the others in this series!
Aline Thibaut 7 May 2008
Too nice, thank you
caspar 7 May 2008
this series was cool before but now the alien made it history!! where do you get your inspiration from? I really wana know that because i never know what to draw. Could u help me?
Monica Caretto 7 May 2008
Love all of it... I have gotten so many "WOWS" at work from it!
Journeyer 7 May 2008
I LOVE this one. It may just be one of my favorites that you've done! :)
John. 7 May 2008
Wonderful stuff.
한수연 7 May 2008
헷 짱이에요
Pantee Farhangi 7 May 2008
Sooo Lovely ^_^
Ola 7 May 2008
What a lovely alien ! Chameleon looks like my old toy :-)
Ronan Bryan 7 May 2008
Lovely, Great Series.
Brittany Teunis 7 May 2008
This ones my fav in the series :)
Rit@ 7 May 2008
It's very beautifull! it's very very creative! you are a great artist! thank you and you to for doing the butterfly wall clock like I tell you!!! THANKS
Mircia 7 May 2008
Świetne, już jest na moim pulpicie:)
kostas 8 May 2008
Fantastic! So, when are you making chameleon and chameleon? :)
AMPIT 8 May 2008
Thanks again, you did it once more.
koa.ksh 8 May 2008
oh!wow.. thank you!! it is very nice. i like it!! 한수연님 한국사람이시구나~ 반가워요~^^
Daniela 8 May 2008
Molto carino!!! Complimenti
Joseph Marquez 8 May 2008
Acabo de registrarme y estos diseños son fabulosos
Divya 9 May 2008
Too good..Loved it
Cynthia (Au) 9 May 2008
Love them all! Great colors and they look wonderful. You're a great artist. Thanks for share your work with all of us.
Cynthia (Au) 9 May 2008
Oooops forgot to ask when you'll share a new tutorial...??? It's always very interesting to 'try' to improve photoshop's skills and grab some new ideas. Thanks heaps once more time!EAS
Marija 9 May 2008
Nice and also good :)When chameleon find real friend or friend's ?:)
Lisa 9 May 2008
So cute!
Leonel Macias 10 May 2008
Wow, love this one vlad...seriously, it makes me smile every morning :) Thank you!
vicky 11 May 2008
good to have everything in one place
Kerstin Thaler 11 May 2008
Now I really have to use a wallpaper switcher :)
Belén junquera 11 May 2008
Great as usual Love your work congratulations
KN 12 May 2008
cool :)
Syed Faisal Ali 13 May 2008
Good to have everythink in one place.It,s very useable for me.
janes 13 May 2008
Leti 14 May 2008
...sometimes happen: looking for a friend and metting an alien :D very cute :)
Tade Sargsian 15 May 2008
одна из лучших работ! гениально!!!!!!! кто наблюдал вживую за хамелеонами, поймет о чем я
mkultra 17 May 2008
en: now is on the desktop, thank you Vlad, your job is very interesting and high quality, success. ro: acum este pe desktop, mulţumesc Vlad, munca ta este foarte interesantă şi de bună calitate, succesc.
siwa 19 May 2008
CHAMELEONS ARE NICE :D But any new cats, please? ;)
:: saathiyaana : 20 May 2008
just cool cool beautiful..!!
ACE 27 May 2008
I like it!
anurakam 29 May 2008
1998 15 June 2008
iiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllll ooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ttttttttttt i love it
Seungho Choi 3 July 2008
Val-Amart 21 July 2008
Вы используете SuSE Linux? =)
????? 29 July 2008
*N1$3,dvd3.1 !0^3 1'l'!* If you couldn't understand that:"*Nice,Dude.I love it!* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YEAH I WENT THERE.:l#l ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chris 6 November 2008
LOL That is great
Myszasta 23 January 2009
zajebiste !!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect clock user 14 October 2009
your works are creative, talented, and beautiful...
Abby 23 February 2010
So funny
clippingimages 8 July 2010
Very nice.
Bassam 9 March 2011
lilia russian 22 November 2011
Wadjh 6 June 2012
J'adore ces créations elles sont esthétiques ! Attractif ! La série peut servir de " jeux " sur les différences à retrouvées ! :) Nice !
Kittu 9 August 2012
Wow just love it
san 1 January 2013
cool and funny wall !! im loving it !!
Olga 26 November 2013
So cute! Love your style :)
GoGoManTv 26 August 2015
čo robit dem natacit
Таня 22 January 2019
Здравствуйте! Не могу найти Ваши замечательные программы Chameleon Clock и Chameleon Calendar. Как быть? Подскажите, пожалуйста
Frineth 9 July 2020
Hola conozco tus wallpapers desde hace como 7 años o más y por ahí tengo como 2 , muy padre tu ilustración !