Snail and Chameleon

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 May 2008
Chameleon was looking for a friend when he met a snail :-) As always made in Photoshop. Also browse wallpapers gallery for more Chameleon wallpapers!
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Peter Brennan 5 May 2008
Thankyou - simply amazing - the art and the imagination
Callum Macdonald 5 May 2008
another masterpiece
Rohit Channazhi 5 May 2008
As always, outstanding work...
Roberto Estrella 5 May 2008
It's great. I'm a opensuse user and the suse logo is a chamaleon. I was looking for a wallpaper like this thanks.
mpf 5 May 2008
I can't put the two at same time in my desktop...
Lily 5 May 2008
How prosh! I LOVE snails...:]
Rit@ 5 May 2008
ohh so beautifull and creative it's like the last one but with a nail!! I prefer this one because ladybugs... well I don't know.. Nails are different.. cool one. keep the good job! :)
Rit@ 5 May 2008
sorry but in my last comment i have wrote "nails" insted "SNAILS". Sorry again...
Mark Allshouse 6 May 2008
Very cool!
Tharapong Sangasilpa 6 May 2008
Cynthia (Au) 6 May 2008
Great w/paper as always. Beautiful colors. Looks marvellous. Many thanks
gfx : mamoun 6 May 2008
Marija 9 May 2008
Wow,wow,wow thank's for all beauty:chameleon,snail... :)
atefe 16 May 2008
:: saathiyaana : 20 May 2008
just outstanding..!!
Ira 31 May 2008
It's so cute!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1998 15 June 2008
goooooooooood 100000000
BRENDITA 3 July 2008
S@sh0 6 July 2008
Verrrry nice, I like those silly combinations!
Louise 20 July 2008
Hi, i love this wallpaper, but i was wondering if i can use it on my blog? i'll be waiting for your answer
louise 20 July 2008
i've forgot my email: thanks!
Martina 25 August 2008
Thank you it's so cute! It's great work you do! Respect!
easyhumor 10 December 2008
I love the texture on the Chameleons, all three are terrific and I hope we see them again soon!
The Piet 12 May 2009
hey deine bilder sind fantastisch... immer weiter so... great job!
Nico 2 February 2010
My girlfriend loves pictures of snails in this type. Can you make on without the chameleon? She would love it.
kaka 12 March 2015
Ja szar