Ladybug and Chameleon

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Vlad Gerasimov 3 May 2008
Chameleon was looking for a friend when he met ladybug :-) As always made in Photoshop. Also browse wallpapers gallery for more Chameleon wallpapers!
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Callum Macdonald 3 May 2008
Brilliant Vlad!
Journeyer 3 May 2008
I love the chameleon! :)
Alucard.G 3 May 2008
kxiang 3 May 2008
oh gosh that's sososo romantic
Myriam Piémont 3 May 2008
Very very cute one...
Marcus 3 May 2008
Love the colours.
Lily Davis 3 May 2008
Just LOVE IT !!
Charles 3 May 2008
wow vlad~~ It's very nice
Rit@ 3 May 2008
SO cute! I love the Chameleon but the ladybug face it's so cute! I never imagine anything like this you have a great imagination....! thank you vlad!
Kareem Khazem 4 May 2008
Quite nice, although the ladybird looks a bit scared... Developing your talent on the tablet with chameleon? The scales are nice, I can never manage that because I only have a mouse :( Nice work though!
Radoslaw Citko 4 May 2008
That one is pretty amazing
belbelenchu 4 May 2008
is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! es hermosooo ( in Spanish)
Bigred 4 May 2008
Love it!
Mindy Johnston 4 May 2008
very creative
Justin 4 May 2008
the chameleon is perfect. great work vlad!
Rosa 4 May 2008
Thank you. It's really sweet! Makes your imagination get into a fantasy world.
Dejan Josimov 4 May 2008
My first association was that chameleon looks for a meal but it's surely nicer to be a friend with her.
Wolf Girl 4 May 2008
Just Brilliant Vlad. I like all the tiny details in your work.
Marija 4 May 2008
It's so beautiful,it's so nice Vlad :)
krishnakathir 4 May 2008
its very nice!
Sammie 4 May 2008
I just love these cute spring wallpapers! Keep up the great work!
Ana 5 May 2008
woow that's awesome! i love the chameleon!
Little Girl 5 May 2008
So cute! Love it
Satish 6 May 2008
Love at first sight
razzy 6 May 2008
as a lover of all things to do with ladybugs i adore this!
Amanda, Cape Town 8 May 2008
adore your chameleons! we had one in our garden in Zimbabwe that fell in love with our budgie, and sat on its cage under a frangipani tree everyday, makes me soooo nostalgic, vlad : master of the heART!
ido 8 May 2008
Lisa 9 May 2008
my favourite
vella 11 May 2008
Carol 11 May 2008
very pretty
Kerstin Thaler 11 May 2008
A new favourite
sendorian 14 May 2008
So cute! It's pure fun to see this wallpaper when tuning on the computer!
Mariya K-W 14 May 2008
Amazing, absolutely magnifiscent..
emma 17 May 2008
:: saathiyaana : 20 May 2008
very charming..!! specially chameleon..its a amazing series..indeed..!!
hannah 22 May 2008
very cute!!!!!!!!!!! i have it as my desktop wallpaper right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SkaycD 30 May 2008
HAMID 30 May 2008
Paxi 4 June 2008
Wonderful escape point!
camilla 19 June 2008
Helen 27 June 2008
This one is my favorite! Шикарные цвета, задумка просто гениальная. Спасибо за доставленное удовольствие:) Thanks!
eva longoria 28 June 2008
it is soo cute n romantic!!! luv u!!!
ljkilcarr 29 June 2008
Love the colors and the pictures. Yours is the best I have found with such great pictures!
PS 8 October 2008
i really love the works of valdo
MD RAGAEY2004 30 October 2008
summy 8 November 2008
aungjohnpaing 22 August 2009
I find
Bam Bam 6 September 2009
so cute i love it.i am a 12 year old girl and this wallpaper is one of my favs next to the snowlepord of course
Lukashenka 12 January 2010
Hi Vlad! Being the fan of yours I can't but inform and ask you whether you have seen that one ? Is it legal, by the way? I mean copyright, etc.
Nick 23 February 2010
Gorgeous and soooo fun!
Nick 23 February 2010
Gorgeous and soooo fun!
an 10 February 2011
i love ladybug!!!!
rita 16 August 2011
So cute
Alucard.G 11 April 2012
اعععععععععععععععع يع يع يع انت مووول ما تعرف تسوي شي ؟؟
Hieu 10 August 2014
very nice
wiryan 28 March 2016
its very nice! great work vlad!
klacb 2 March 2019
来一条中文评论 挺喜欢这个的
Rick Moudy 12 April 2020
The foreground really stands out. I love the contrast.