All is Full of Butterflies

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Vlad Gerasimov 26 June 2006
Oh my God! This is  my wallpaper #400!!! Also see previous wallpaper (green) - they are the series!
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António long ago
Howdy from Portugal, Vlad. I'm now sixty (not joking), drawn to computers since Spectrum 48K (the good old days!) and love browse the web as well as playing around Photoshop. This is to say that your art is remarkable, an exemple of pure creativeness and skillfulness! Your works are superb masterpieces! Thank you very much for sharing them with us and keep up the good job. Hugs.
سجاد long ago
پروانه ها نشانه ی عشق هستند. همان موجوداتی که برای رسیدن به معشوق خود می سوزند.....
kol long ago
It is very beutiful! :-D L :-D L :-D L :-D L
Francesca (Italy) long ago
Grazieeeeeeeeee è stupendo!!! Adoro le farfalle. (L)
Ewa from Poland long ago
Naprawdę piękne i oryginalne tapety, poleciłam je znajomym.Trzymać tak dalej:)
Aline (Brasil) long ago
Muito lindo! amo borboletas!! este site tem umas artes maravilhosas! Parabéns! Congratulations!! Regards, Aline Azevedo
Kruppt long ago
KoooL Paper! Kruppt
Amanda long ago
Hey this is an Awesome background wonder If you have a mailing list for backgrounds. I love this background Im using it on my Desktop. Butterflies are my favorite and blue is my favorite color.
Caline long ago
You'll always surprising... I saw the ladybugs first and now I Love this first. Wanna see a turtle of yours. Thanks for all the great talent that you have. :-)
Charm long ago
Awesome! I love butterflies, and my favourite colour is blue! This is perfect :o)
divya long ago
I must say vlad, the way you play with blue color its really amazing .. Nobody can do that.Well done i loved this pic Thanks
babake pegah long ago
به انتظار تصویر تو این دفتر خالی تاچند.تاچند ورق خواهد خورد
spiritwriter long ago
If only the heart could fly - thanks for making mine flutter - (L)
gen long ago
Precioso!!!!! (Y)
Jaideep long ago
Simply E-N-C-H-A-N-T-I-N-G (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
Jaideep long ago
Dearest Vlad, You are forever unbeatable in creating graphic miracles, as always. You are a MASTER in it's truest sense. Thanks infinitely.
Merkoth long ago
Ok, I must stop downloading wallpapers :-P It's just beatyful, as always. Since this is the last one I'll comment today: Thank you very much Vlad :-D
Ashwin long ago
roy long ago
yah it's cool but i think there is something missin like something else combining with the butterflies........or maybe anothers colors................
justin long ago
WOW. i cant say anything else.
justin long ago
what did you use to create the butterflies?
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
justin: pure photoshop. I took the photo of a butterfly and "traced" it with Pen tool to create vector shape, and then simply copied it many times.
Satz long ago
wOwwwwwww!!!!!! Vlad you simply rock (Y) great work!!! Keep going amigo ... :-)
aastha long ago
i am having butterflies in my stomach tooo
lolo long ago
Great !!!! My stress will fly with these butterflies.....
son long ago
jade long ago
I love it! Thanx Vlad! Now i have got to see the dragonflies!!!
jade long ago
I love it! Thanx Vlad! Now i have got to see the dragonflies!!!
Michelle long ago
Chaitrali long ago
My My....Butterfiles have always been my favorite...for their tender colors and grace....and although these butterflies are not colorful....they are do manage that?? Awesome!! i am going to have to learn some new adjectives now!! Regards, Chaitrali
marcus long ago
(Y) There are NO WORDS for that ...;-)
justin long ago
did you trace the butterfly thats in photoshop?
kim long ago
only one word: beautiful!!!!!!!
Marija 18 January 2008
Wwwowww,woooww,wwwowww :)
mkultra 6 February 2008
☺ madame butterfly
Paul Chan 29 September 2008
katrinne 29 September 2008
too much butterflies... :S
bojana 9 November 2008
fly my buterfly
Tanja 21 October 2009
Absolute pefrection..... love it!
Erom and Sajid 9 March 2011