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Vlad Gerasimov 25 December 2006
A very simple desktop, for those who want easy to look at workspace with lots of space for icons! Curious how this wallpaper was made? I published a short tutorial about making of Aquawave wallpaper.

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Mohamed Tantawi long ago
Perfect wallpaper! Using it now, thank you :-)
Jaideep long ago
Uh-mmmmmmazing (L)
steffer long ago
Love it! Any chance we might get the same paper in other colors? :-) Merry Christmas!
Shoukeir long ago
Great work (Y) (I really like the simple wallpapers), but I don't like the blue colour... Could you make this wallpaper in olive green?
Kay long ago
This is so soothing, so peaceful. :-) Thank you so much.:-D "Happy New Year"! ;-)
ㄹㄹ long ago
sumit joshi long ago
so nice digital experience
:-) long ago
to steffer & Shoukeir: Actually if you have a program called Irfanview(it's freeware) you can open it in that(I actually use Irfanview to view most all picture files) and go to Image>Swap Colors and change the colors to something different. I changed this from Aquaware to Emeraldware by swapping the colors from RGB to RBG with Irfanview.
sonic long ago
hehehe. Vlad, this wallpaper takes an amazing effect. u tried to spoil it with noise, but noise made it even better ))).
xoturk long ago
like this one! Pure Dahi
SEO 29 January 2010
renn 12 November 2010
I'll call you "GREAT MASTER" !!! It's amazing! Your coloring is great!!