Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 April 2009
Today is not only Easter, but also Space & Aviation Day, celebrated after Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space on 12 April 1961. By pure coincidence, I created the wallpaper called Astronaut. Hope you will like it! As always, Adobe Photoshop only.

LukeSkyWalker  ·  11 April 2009
Ich find genial. Gefällt mir. Du machst das ganz toll. Danke.

Kashif  ·  11 April 2009
Beautiful !!!!!!!!

Verunka  ·  11 April 2009
Hi Vlad, maybe this sounds stupid - but really Easter is the only holiday you DON'T care about? I'm not fond of all those eggs and rabbits and stuff either, but I hoped you'd find a way to something biiger or maybe funnier... This wall is cute, for sure, but still I'm a bit disappointed and hope for your answer...well, feel free. It's just Easter is what I care about the most...I understand not everyone does. Anyway, have a blessed Easter.

Arthur Pustynin  ·  11 April 2009
Влад, это мое чисто субъективное мнение, но мне кажется, что вам нужно найти какое-то новое направление и выполнить в нем серию работ. Потому что доминирующие у вас пейзажи\животные\небо(космос)\чудные существа начинают приедаться. Картинка все равно красивая)

Alex  ·  12 April 2009
Verunka, maybe there will be an Easter wallpaper since the Orthodox Easter is next week :)!

Martin Trojan  ·  12 April 2009
Alex! Very celever ;) Verunka! very good and understandable reflection :) Vlad, looking fwd. for something cute (since its Vladstudio) and spiritual too.

Coyote  ·  12 April 2009
I love this wallpaper! Thanks, Vlad! :)

Yuriy  ·  12 April 2009
А мне не начинают приедаться :), Артур, сходите в раздел Wooden Houses, там как раз "новое направление"

Justin Murray  ·  12 April 2009
ive been following you for a long time vlad, and i must say this has automatically earned a spot in my top 5 from you. amazing job on this one.

Gianpaolo Zuliani  ·  12 April 2009
Great! Tanks, Vlad! Happy Easter from Italy!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  12 April 2009
Verunka: sorry if I offended you, I really did not mean to. I'm not against Easter of something like that, I was just inspired by Space day more. Arthur: ну вот, а я только собрался еще про космос порисовать :-) Thanks!

Robert Marton  ·  12 April 2009
Hey Vlad! Cool wallpaper :) AGAIN!!! :D Already on my desktop ;) Again :D BTW, this gave me an ideea... How about a wallpaper about Exupéry's Little Prince? :) ( All these fans with their ideas, right? :P ) Great stuff, man, keep it up! :)

Arnold Schwarzenigger  ·  12 April 2009
Ja,sehr gut

Arthur Tan  ·  13 April 2009
I love this one!

Verunka  ·  13 April 2009
Not offended at all, Vlad. Just felt sad a little, but that doesn't really matter :-)

Andreas L. Madsen  ·  13 April 2009
Robert Marton: What a brilliant idea for a wallpaper. The story and the pics in the novel is somewhat the same style as almost everything Vlad do

Leti  ·  13 April 2009
I love this one too :) :) :)

  ·  13 April 2009
This reminded me of Little Prince (in high-tech version). Nice. But I believe that if Vlad were to create one classical one with Little Prince it would be even greater!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  13 April 2009
Thanks for your comments! Honestly, I have been thinking about illustrating Little Prince for quite long time now. But I feel I need more years to become experienced enough, to do my very best. Please be patient :-) Thanks!

Arthur Pustynin  ·  13 April 2009
Ну а куда мы денемся)

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