Autumn Gradient

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 October
Every fall, many people all over the world publish their photos of fallen leaves, carefully laid out to create illusion of color gradient. This year, I joined them - but instead of real leaves, I made them up  in Adobe Illustrator.

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Alberto Rodriguez  ·  11 October
Lovely. Any chance you upload a tutorial video of how you did it?

mary  ·  11 October

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 October
Alberto Rodriguez - actually, I've been thinking to re-create my Tutorials webpage! (I had it once but lost all tutorials due to server crash). Only, instead of video, I am thinking of step-by-step articles.

J.D. Haltigan  ·  11 October
Fantastic! Was looking forward to a new fall piece!

Jae-Yun Jung  ·  12 October
yes, it's Autumn. thank you!

haraway  ·  12 October
Very pretty!

Adryadru  ·  12 October
Lovely! Y follow you since almost 12 years, and I ever admired your creativity!

Roberta Hudgins  ·  12 October
so pretty! fall is here now!!

Joy  ·  12 October

debbie  ·  12 October
LOve your work!

Tbalbiza  ·  12 October

Kelcey  ·  12 October
Just beautiful:)

John Molenaar  ·  12 October
Again, simply one more brilliant composition! I find your artwork so calming and pleasing to look at.

Pam  ·  12 October
Just Lovely ♥

Jesús González Vega  ·  13 October
De que se trata

Bob Lazzarini  ·  14 October
Love your artwork. This one is extraordinary! Many thanks for sharing.

alexsarry  ·  14 October
Very good work desktop !

Ivan  ·  18 October
nice, thank you!

Livanco  ·  20 October

young  ·  21 October

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