Autumn Gradient

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Vlad Gerasimov 7 October 2019
Every fall, many people all over the world publish their photos of fallen leaves, carefully laid out to create illusion of color gradient. This year, I joined them - but instead of real leaves, I made them up  in Adobe Illustrator.
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Alberto Rodriguez 11 October 2019
Lovely. Any chance you upload a tutorial video of how you did it?
mary 11 October 2019
Vlad Gerasimov 11 October 2019
Alberto Rodriguez - actually, I've been thinking to re-create my Tutorials webpage! (I had it once but lost all tutorials due to server crash). Only, instead of video, I am thinking of step-by-step articles.
J.D. Haltigan 11 October 2019
Fantastic! Was looking forward to a new fall piece!
Jae-Yun Jung 11 October 2019
yes, it's Autumn. thank you!
haraway 11 October 2019
Very pretty!
Adryadru 11 October 2019
Lovely! Y follow you since almost 12 years, and I ever admired your creativity!
Roberta Hudgins 11 October 2019
so pretty! fall is here now!!
Joy 11 October 2019
debbie 12 October 2019
LOve your work!
Tbalbiza 12 October 2019
Kelcey 12 October 2019
Just beautiful:)
John Molenaar 12 October 2019
Again, simply one more brilliant composition! I find your artwork so calming and pleasing to look at.
Pam 12 October 2019
Just Lovely ♥
Jesús González Vega 13 October 2019
De que se trata
Bob Lazzarini 13 October 2019
Love your artwork. This one is extraordinary! Many thanks for sharing.
alexsarry 14 October 2019
Very good work desktop !
Ivan 18 October 2019
nice, thank you!
Livanco 19 October 2019
young 21 October 2019
lady_whiteadder 22 October 2019
love it. also looks nice as watch face for my apple watch :-)
jiuyue890 26 October 2019
Thank you! Nice!
devinT 30 October 2019
Hi Vlad! I can't tell you how excited and happy I am that you're posting again!! :) And tutorials would be amazing, in whatever form! Lots of love! :) D.
HOUJI 3 November 2019
nice. love it.
P2 21 November 2019
Thank you for your wonderful art. I've got them on my PC as on my mobile Phone.
Charlie Brownie 12 December 2019
excelente trabajo
ApolloZhang 23 December 2019
Great!I love it
晨困 24 December 2019
harvey 19 February 2020
great. thx
nana 22 March 2020
Magnifique, comme toujours !
Jeri 19 May 2020
Amazing colors
Claudina 31 May 2020
Claudina 23 June 2020
Blake 28 July 2020
love it
jiang 29 July 2020
it is good wallpaper.
valerie 9 December 2020
it is so beatiful, i love it because i love autumn
Etienne.M 13 January 2021
u are such a great artist
Rishi Kumar 29 January 2021
Aladdin pic
nalan 22 February 2021
uh 3 May 2021