Calm (2)

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Vlad Gerasimov 14 November 2006
Inspired by  a photo I found in  my archives. I hope you'll like it  a bit! (or a lot).
mavi long ago
luis long ago
great piece of art
makayla long ago
i love it
hank long ago
I like the calmness its nice
joejoe long ago
that's a good wallpaper
avensdesora long ago
wonderfully soothing!
ok long ago
samantha long ago
How can I download this free to use for my desktop? It just keeps asking me to register...
Kasia long ago
Vlad, I'm your great fan:-). I especially like your wallpapers with characters. The series "The Two" is absolutely the best! Could you make more works of this type? I'd be glad if you made some in violet/purple or green...:-D Thanks in advance and wish you all the best!
Anna long ago
I like the way you use Context Free for trees! It seems to be perfect for the job! Light in this composition is very good too, and smoothness over all creates a lovely landscape!: :)
y long ago
hany yassin long ago
thats so pretty
divya long ago
Well its ok the only thing which is missing is clarity....You do much better work vlad..Thanks
kondar_aleks63 long ago
Darren long ago
Thanks vlad i love this site. btw can i request a pic of Mount Fuji?
Heather long ago
I felt relaxed from the moment I looked at it
Dusik long ago
+++++5 ....from Ukraina
la la long ago
cool baby cakes very cool
victor long ago
definitivo, muy distante de tus mejores trabajos, pero no por eso deja de ser una muy buena imagen
Comfortably Numb long ago
Serene Very Nice
Kaoro long ago
I love it! Heck I loved the first Calm wallpaper :) Thank you!
Justin long ago
better than your last wallpaper, but im not liking this one too much either, sorry. i like the idea of this. actually i wouldnt mind seeing the actual photo
MaGaLy long ago
WoW, SiMpLy WoNdErFuL ... (L) I LoVe PuRpLe LaNdScApEs ... :)
Câline long ago
This is perfect to have when things get tied at work. Love it!!
Patricia long ago
Muy relajante, Hermoso
Sebastian long ago
I love the colours!
Waiyu long ago
Hmm... It's alright. I think it's a little plain, but it still looks good. I agree with Justin, it's better than the last wallpaper (thought that was a little... dull).
Ienzo long ago
Nice Work. Staring at it really distract you from stress.
Waqas long ago
very calm and cool...gr8 work
Moo long ago
Kruppt long ago
Kooooool! I really like this one! . Kruppt
Tauheed long ago
I like it . (L)
inseCT long ago
This is the perfect 6 am beyteful...its art!!!!!!
nihar long ago
sahi long ago
got a nice card
JUam Pablo II 26 March 2008
Very Bonito
Julian 12 November 2008
soy joto y voy en el cch cajeme
Baptista 18 November 2008
good photo
Татьяна 24 June 2009
Влад! Вы - гений!!! :)rnобожаю все ваши творения!rn...а эта картинка будто из пластмассы... поразительно!
om 2 January 2011
Restful and serene. It's lovely.

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