A Cheshire Kitten (Disappearing)


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Vlad Gerasimov 20 June 2009
The inevitable is happening! My kitten is disappearing :-)
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Christian Klinger 20 June 2009
Should be disappeard compleatly (but keep the eyes und the smile). That would remind me to Alice in Wonderland...
Ampit 20 June 2009
I thin I like it even better. Thanks.
Logoman 21 June 2009
I just love it !!!nnI've asked my Mac to change every 5 minutes with the cheshire kitten who doesn't disappear, the effect is so cool ! I see the little kitten disappearing in front of my eyes !!!nnThank you Vlad, the two Cheshire Kitten are just GREAT !!!
Sarah 25 June 2009
Bacon 25 June 2009
Sorry Vlad, it is an awsome pic but I dont like it as much as the other cheshire kitten...nnit is still good, just not as good as all the others...
LG 26 June 2009
Great as always... but I think maybe a purple-magenta background would also look good... perhaps even more mysterious... =) And surreal...
Valerie 26 June 2009
This is one of my absolute favorites! I like having both versions, one on each monitor. Coworkers have to look twice!
vorpalbunnie 30 June 2009
Vlad, never stop being so awesome! I swear your wallpapers really keep me going at work.
Vlad Gerasimov 30 June 2009
vorpalbunnie: glad to hear that! :-)
jr.8a 1 July 2009
como pongo un reloj busque un programa y segun no hay
Emma 3 July 2009
Really to tell you the truth the disappering kitten has no purpose for disappearing. Really, is there a point? I like the full Kitty better
Martine 9 July 2009
I'm addicted to yours wallpapers ! especially this cat ! wonderful !
Matthew Long 13 July 2009
Cute! The kitten is just adorable!! Well done Vlad!
nrssnk 31 July 2009
ET 23 October 2009
I love this! Definitely the Alice in Wonderland Cheshire kitten!
Andy 28 December 2009
Or maybe it's a Cheshire cat appearing.
CF 10 March 2010
Wondering why your dual monitor wallpapers are in one file instead of two separate files?
Vlad Gerasimov 11 March 2010
CF: every dual wallpaper has single image, as well as "left" and "right" images. (see links near each dual monitor size).
Margaret 24 May 2010
The low quality free download doesn't allow me to download. Love your art.