Christmas Lights

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  21 November 2008
A simple abstract wallpaper inpsired by  a tutorial found at

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pfennig59  ·  21 November 2008
Simple, abstract and very beautiful.

ClioCanuck  ·  21 November 2008
Absolutely joyous!

A1Elements  ·  21 November 2008
This wallpaper is really amazing, I love the colors.

Arthur Pustynin  ·  21 November 2008
Супер, во такие обои я люблю.

Christina (Australia)  ·  21 November 2008
Stunning! Makes my heart so happy!!♡

Shan  ·  22 November 2008
this is AWESOME! :D

Calypso  ·  22 November 2008
Прекрасная работа, Влад. У меня сразу же настроение поднялось. Огромное спасибо.

marcus  ·  22 November 2008
Mr. Vlad Gerasimov, This is in my opinion the most beautifull wallpaper you've ever created. It fills the desktop completely with all the colors of the rainbow and the fantastic ice stars, snow flakes and circles. I think that this one is going to stay for a long time on my desktop until you design something about Formula One Racing. For the time being this one is gonna stay. * Merry Christmas - Happy NewYear and a lovely Winter time* from me to you and to al the people from all over the world who visits your site and love you work. Greetings from Ostend, Belgium

Sainath  ·  23 November 2008
makes me feel happy

Cathy  ·  24 November 2008
very nice!

Bill  ·  25 November 2008

Tina  ·  26 November 2008
I love it... It's my favorite "Christmas" picture yet although I think I might be using it all winter long!!!

Ampe  ·  27 November 2008
Krásné MOC!!!

Ramzi  ·  27 November 2008
Perfect! It made me take all icons off my desktop and laptop just so that I can enjoy it completely!

Tril  ·  30 November 2008
Love it!

ann  ·  30 November 2008
This is absolutely gorgeous. =D

GEMA LLAGUNO  ·  4 December 2008
Vlad, it's super beautiful...! Wow, a nice work! From MEXICO to Russia my best wishes in this Christmas...Hasta Pronto Amigos!

Michael Krajnak  ·  6 December 2008
Love it... I'm using this on my computer and Blackberry curve for the holidays. I included this in my YouTube background... love love it.

Igor  ·  7 December 2008

Igor Kolga  ·  7 December 2008

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