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Vlad Gerasimov 15 February 2008
That's a bit strange wallpaper, I admit! Still I hope you'll like it :-)
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ChocoLizzie 15 February 2008
Let me be the first to say, beautiful as usual. You keep my desktop and cell phone looking amazing. Thanks. *folds hands and bows in your general direction*
Dusty Wolf 15 February 2008
It's b-e-a-u-t -i-ful!!! Love that green.
Tuck 15 February 2008
I love the different expressions the spiders are making. I can imagine how each one of them is feeling. I love their bulging eyes! You're very gifted!
Alice 15 February 2008
thanks :-)
Jean 15 February 2008
This is amazing! Just the color I needed after this gray winter... Thank you Vlad!
San George 15 February 2008
This is beautiful. I love greeeeeen and it's just perfect...
Richard 15 February 2008
This.is.great. (I love the spiders)
Ruby 15 February 2008
I just love this one. It's soo cute. 2dt
Richard 16 February 2008
I am now on comment #2...cause I love it so much. I like the other you did too, with the single little spider. So now, being a member of the Vlad world (for life), would it be so rude to request a spider series? I would love to see one with a spider web (with dew drops) and of course the spider web's owner somewhere to be found.
Terry 16 February 2008
Another masterpiece. I LOVE it. The only thing I wish wasn't as visible is the gradient circle that's centered in the picture. If you were able to keep the background blurred and take out the "circle", it'd be perfect. That being said, it's still my new background! :)
Poekie 16 February 2008
Very nice wallpaper! But it contains 1 little mistake (big mistake for a biologist;-): spiders have 8 legs.
fengshaun 16 February 2008
WOWWWWW! GORGEOUS it will remain on my desktop for quite a loooooooooong time!
Milica 16 February 2008
Love it! So joyful! :) Makes me wanna be there and play with little fellows.
Moo 17 February 2008
Your creativity is so refreshing and enjoyable, my desktop is never boring. I love the spider's reflection!
child. 17 February 2008
might be better if you change the color of the spiders so that they contrast the green. or else the whole desktop seems almost boring.. and plain. other wise, i must say..your weird wallpapers are normally simply most creative and adorable..
iris 17 February 2008
wonderful~~~ I love it~~~~
Benjigarner 17 February 2008
I love this one ;) Featuring on GuiPulp > http://guipulp.com/
Melody Liu 17 February 2008
I love this one because of the water drops and the green. But I won't be taking because im terrified of spiders. >.<
Maia 17 February 2008
Pronziteljno krasivaja i dobraja kartinka, vot esli u pauchkov bylo by po 8 nozhek, bylo by luchshe
vara 18 February 2008
susan nolan 19 February 2008
LOVE IT, green is my favorite
leitner peter 19 February 2008
simply beautiful :-)
chaitanya 19 February 2008
hi vlad,this is toooo good!!!!. I really feel jealous when i see these wallpapers.How will you get the ideas????
Nora 19 February 2008
Thats realy cute but spiders have 8 legs ^^ but I love it...
Suzanne Skinner 20 February 2008
Beautiful. This is my favorite of the wallpapers you've posted in the past few months, in fact it's one of my all-time favorites. I love the green you've used, although I agree that a little more contrasting coloration on the spiders would be nice.
Jbone! 20 February 2008
Oh man! Now you`re making me mad coz i`m not so sure if the previous that i`ve chosen was the wrong one for my wallpaper! Great work indeed! Keep it up man! ^_^ wed, 20 Feb 2008 1750 hrs
Lily Davis 20 February 2008
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!! Thank you.
Vlad Gerasimov 20 February 2008
Alright! I did my homework and spiders now have 8 legs :-)
Ioanna 20 February 2008
The other two were inside earlier that's why we couldn't see them. Great work again (a bit green for my taste but I looooooooove spiders). If it was autumn we could have red leaves, couldn't we??? :-)
Shelley 20 February 2008
what a fun wallpaper!
Gajanan 21 February 2008
hi i am Gajanan your website is fantastic i like this....................
محتشم 21 February 2008
دمت گرم حال کردم خیلی باحال بود هم خودش هم آموزشش ای ول
Melinda - a real fan of Vlad 21 February 2008
Hey this is great! :D :D And I'm happy that I have the background of spiders with 6 legs :D :D Love ya Vlad :-*
papperlapapp 21 February 2008
beautifull and with humor, i love your wallpapers. keep it up and thanks for sharing this artwork
Harsh110 22 February 2008
Thats Wounderfull.
Mohammed Korashy 22 February 2008
This Is Fantastic, I can't say more
Gretchen K Wingert 22 February 2008
Just when I think I've found my favorite.....you come up with a better one!!!!! Thank you so much for the great wallpapers. I just love the little spiders and the green color is so soothing.
Fichi_Zulla 26 February 2008
Like the falling spider facing him self in the drop of water! Just love that detail!
librarian 26 February 2008
Perfect, I was allready crazy abouth The Two, but this is perefect. I LOVE your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are my HERO!!!!!!
Bibaniu 26 February 2008
I don't like spiders. I'm afraid, brrr... But these are so... cute :D But... can they swim? ;)
nive 26 February 2008
wos 26 February 2008
LON 28 February 2008
Pleaaaaaaaaaase this wallpaper once again but without spiders, pleaaaaaaaase. :) Thank you!
spooky_kz 28 February 2008
Beautiful. But i think water drops aren't realistic...
Marija 28 February 2008
Green beautiful :)
drik 1 March 2008
Courtney 5 March 2008
This is my new desktop. I love all the green and the whimsy of it. I love being able to change based on my moods and the seasons. Thanks for giving me options with beauty and color. Modern art at its finest.
Mariya K-W - Vlad Police Member 6 March 2008
"Spiders have 8 legs" "Waterdrops aren't realistic" "The colours are not contrasting" "The gradient circle is too visible" What is it with you, people? This is art. This is how the artist sees it. Just because you pay a fee to enter a museum and are now standing in front of the Mona Lisa, doesn't mean you should start requesting changes to the background scenery, the angle of her smile, her hairstyle..? Or can we, please, see it all in pink? With funny grey elephants flying around? Come on now..
Syl 7 March 2008
I love this you have made my computer very happy!! Thanks!!!!
ivy 7 March 2008
been saving all your images for over a year now since a colleague introduced this site, every artwork is totally tantalizing, it speaks to all of us and this one tells me the fun side of insect life, diving not in a pool of water but in a bubble water, neat! More power!
pelfy 12 March 2008
I love this wallpaper the moment I view it. I am now using it. Thnaks!
Meg 12 March 2008
I love love love this one! It's going straight to my desktop! Thanks Vlad!
Carter 12 March 2008
Great one! The only comment I would make is that there isn't enough contrast. Maybe the spiders should have been purple of something. But you're the expert!
Nasis 13 March 2008
Mohan 15 March 2008
teach me how to do this
Vlad Gerasimov 15 March 2008
Mohan - if you look carefully, you'll notice PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL link. Thanks.
manuel Leon Lamarque 17 March 2008
me choca tener que comprar para ver tus mendigas imagenes
lyvr 19 March 2008
Its wnderfull!
serenabox 21 March 2008
I love the fresh green color with tiny spiders.................just beautiful!!
bil 24 March 2008
Tina Marie Randall 24 March 2008
Came to see what was new & this immediately caught my attention. As usual, another masterpiece. Straight to my desktop it goes!
José Candido da Costa 24 March 2008
Gosto muito das vossas imagens.
none 29 March 2008
what a wallpaper !! i like it :D
Brad Pitt 2 April 2008
Wow... this one is very beautiull... I like it very much!!
Fernando 4 April 2008
Beautiful wallpaper
KEN EXPERTS 5 April 2008
That is just pefect
Guglielmo Alfieri 6 April 2008
Ludovic Kuty 17 April 2008
Feel good when I watch it. Put my mind outside while behind my keyboard.
inmedsam 18 April 2008
use well.
Tiffany 29 April 2008
I am absolutely crazy about vlad and their wallpapers... They give me inspiration for my music and my art works. You guys rock!
Vlad Gerasimov 29 April 2008
Tiffany - thanks! I am not "guys", I work alone :-)
Marc Parra 2 May 2008
Nice one!
Andreson R 9 May 2008
Alguém sabe como faço pra coloca-lo com a hora?
oxygenboy 14 May 2008
the concept of concentrating on drop is amazing .vlad made me install adobe photoshop
chicago 5 July 2008
ths iz gr8
Mykl 9 September 2008
I know you hear it alot, but this one is really cool. I discovered it via Desktopia, and really enjoy the tranquility, but excitement evident in this art. What you have expressed hear makes me smile each time I look at it. Brilliant.
Marakov 13 September 2008
"Tiffany - thanks! I am not "guys", I work alone" That right there speaks volumes. This is great work for a team much less a valiant single artist! Keep the art coming, love it all.
bizkit 18 September 2008
Mr Vlad, Ogbono Feli Feli bi amala toji noo gan gan. You r way too hot Mr. Vee
SAEED 5 October 2008
Hardik 1 November 2008
good inspiring one
Dora 15 November 2008
It is ADORABLE! And to those who think it needs more contrast I don't believe you! The fun and play of the spiders is inspiring. This is defianately my new desktop
29 January 2009
Awesome... i love these wallpapers
1 July 2009
bee 11 July 2009
Never thought spiders could be cute... love this one! Especially the reflection of the spider's eyes in the drop.
akuma75 18 August 2009
YES! That's it! Awesome.
enes 22 November 2010
bu bilgisayarımın arka planının resmi olmuo
yohana sembiring 9 June 2011
so, beautiful............... good..............good
小憨 31 August 2011
Amazing!! Thanks for your beautiful beautiful imagination!!
chaithu 25 September 2011
wooowwwwwwwww....... awsum i love greeeen
Török László 6 May 2020
Huawei P30 szeretném feltenni, hol lehet?
Melinda Szabo-Jorgensen 19 January 2023
Love it!