Eos 2 (Official KDE 4 Wallpaper)

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Vlad Gerasimov 8 August 2007
Simple and abstract wallpaper, it will make your desktop easy to look at! Six colors are available, please check out them in the gallery. Also see the tutorial at https://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorial/?eos_making_of

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jfi long ago
I love all the serie !!!! Perfect. Again a beautiful work. Putting them in random ... let see how it's gonna work with my feelings each days ... Thanks
Jaideep long ago
My favourite colour. True blue! I love this one the best.
birol long ago
always blue, forever blue... blue blue blue :)
DENNY long ago
amazing... my fave colour, BLUE
Caline long ago
I love this series. Thumbs up Vlad!! Amazing work as usual!
long ago
Congrats on wining the default KDE 4.0 wallpaper!
peter long ago
congratz for being the winner of the kde 4 default wallpaper . really something to be proud of , great :-)
LucasDT long ago
Waw.... BLUE... I LOVE BLUE.. nice, simple yet beautiful! Cada dia me gusta mas tu trabajo!
lalabridget long ago
hi vlad! can you pretty pretty please make a light blue - like baby blue ORRRR - maybe a light pink? I
long ago
feng shaun long ago
blue is my favorite color
Ltmboy 15 January 2008
Congratulations on winning the default KDE wallpaper. You really deserve it. Keep up the great work.
Xsara 4 April 2008
Congratulations for won the default KDE wallpaper! I love KDE and love you're job. You're fantastic. You're the man
visionova 9 October 2010
All illustrations are beautiful. How can I contact Mr.Yerko for illustrations? Thank you
Philipp 3 August 2020
One of my favorites - using it on my cellphone