Eos 8


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Vlad Gerasimov 10 August 2007
I just cannot stop playing with colors! :-) Also see the tutorial at https://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorial/?eos_making_of
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JH long ago
That's hot. Would love a version of this color with no blur. Thanks for fixing the solar system image last week.
Simple and classy. Glad I subscribed.
DENNY long ago
wow... mysterious,,,
Ally long ago
Very.. goth. Might use it on my site.
liao ruijun long ago
it is ture italian colour
the italian long ago
cos'?...sarai mica milanista?! (do you know Milan, the italian football team?)
Ribbot long ago
cool 2nd cool picture!
bob long ago
like this "eos" best^^ very, very nice
BLugg long ago
wow very nice can we love your work.. this is best so far imo lol id love to see it in blue and orange tho my favs =)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
the italian: do I do not know Milan team! Did I borrow their colors? :-)
emma long ago
i like this one but im not sure about the blurryness it makes my eyes go funny haha
onguarde long ago
this is a niiiiceeeeeeeeeeeee dark theme woohoo
Justin long ago
i would LOVE a tutorial on how you made this series.
Chrissy 7 January 2008
I especially like your use of dark colors. They express unique sophistication.
moni 25 May 2008
this is my favourite eos! :-)
mic 16 September 2008
Wow, these are all really excellent.
jose alberto 3 July 2011
sentimiento elegancia y maldad
Denise Nelson 5 December 2011
love this one...