First snow

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
First snow!
Debbie long ago
Mariah long ago
Its cool!!!!!!!!! :)
yanqian long ago
rob long ago
:-| :-S
Tauheed long ago
I Miss Snow..... :-(
mitch long ago
Mahek!! long ago
Simply Stunning!!! I dunt know whose marvellous creations are these..... they give a comfort to the eyes.......... I Just Luv IT... really... ur Site worth Life Time Registeration. cozz u Worth it.... (Y) Thanks, Mahek!!
dan long ago
nice and beatful
Nisa Marie long ago
nice..ganda!!!! (y)
savedsoul long ago
1680x1050 please!
Tom Mayu long ago
Do You Like Amanda's Comment? She is a cute little piggy that lives in NYC and most importantly, she is my daughter.(L)
Amanda Sze long ago
I loooove this wallpaper........... But I hate thomas maumi...........
Michelle long ago
This is definitely my favorite! simplistically elegent - well captured. Thanks! I'm looking forward to exploring this site.
Melissa long ago
Asia long ago
Touching... :*
long ago
I miss snow. :(
josh long ago
this is gay
zlato long ago
prekrasno! obozavam!
ramin long ago
tanks for you
Sys long ago
¡¡¡PRECIOSO!!! Esos azules... divinos. ¡Gracias!
kurd long ago
very tank my frinds
little princess long ago
Tatjana long ago
Suzana long ago
Very nice, Vlad!!! It reminds me of the sky on a winter's night, just as the snow begins to fall.
tu4ka long ago
Very good for you
friendofraj long ago
simply super!
erni long ago
mrm long ago
tHE LiGht iS aMazing!
hacthuythan long ago
Simple but very nice
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Donna - I tested and all resolutions work fine. Can you please use contact form to contact me.
Editrix long ago
This is really lovely, Vlad. It has the velvet-feeling of a first snowfall on top of frosted ground.
long ago
Thank you for sharing!
Jizzy long ago
(Y)(Y) Love the site and the creations! Great! (Y)(Y)
rockdevilgirl long ago
amazing, how you do that! great pic (Y)
王慧 long ago
Good good study, day day up!:-D
Michaelangelo long ago
Simple. Sad. Beautiful.
Alycia long ago
Nice color consistency and beautiful texture. I like it!
maria long ago
:-) :-D :-O :-P ;-) (Y) KEEP IT UP
David long ago
You create some of the best stuff I've seen in a long time. I think I'm going to spring for a 1 year registration because your art is well worth it. Thanks, David
Heleen long ago
I realy miss snow. :-( (U)
Ellen long ago
I miss snow to. (Y)Love the site and the creations!(Y) Thanks, Ellen
CorkyG long ago
long ago
이 월페이퍼 너무 마음에들어>_<
aweyqi long ago
HBAHLL long ago
hahahh 还不错啦!!
Koolfingaz long ago
Lets see some new work daily... This costed me money..
ricky long ago
:-) nice.. and calm
Donna long ago
The resolution sizes aren't working...I had to accept the shown High Quality 800x600. It looks ok, but I registered and expected to be able to choose the resolution.
andrea long ago
sweet simplicity.
PaRy long ago
Se lo agradezco infinitamente, Mr. Vlad. Saludos
eric long ago
Absolutely magical! Very nice, inspired work.
janet long ago
thank you for making my desktop wonderful!
resmith long ago
its very beautiful
diyer222 long ago
a sweet night!
diyer222 long ago
very good!(L)
emily long ago
very simply but make my heart very calm
neo long ago
solin long ago
Your images are simply amazing... :-) (L)
Dorminutza long ago
Lovely. It reflects something sad and beautiful at the same time. Bravo!! (Y)
Ana 17 January 2008
Me gusta mucho!
Eleni Young 29 January 2008
lakshmi 13 February 2008
nostalgic! thanks for making me drift gently to a misty, beautiful world of pearl-white snow. and the crescent moon is really romantic. on the whole, the effect is mint-refreshing. congrats, vlad.
mariya k-w 6 March 2008
quote: " Koolfingaz: Lets see some new work daily... This costed me money.. " People never seize to amaze me. Registration is not compulsory, you can get all images for free, and unless you are incredibly demanding, their res is ok. Vlad is one of the most amazing artists I have ever come across. You do not tell an artist to create something every day. Yuck.
somayeh 31 March 2008
Sifar 4 August 2008
WOW Sifar
MiMi 27 September 2008
Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Love the art!!!!!!!!!!!
11 February 2009
very bad
ARJUN 11 February 2009
Vladfan 24 May 2009
Cool as always
via 22 December 2009
que me ha gustao... el azul le da un toque de los pelos....que flipo...
Lolo 14 May 2010
Nice pc
MBM 10 June 2010
Yoooo man u rock.
pris 18 October 2010
love it!!
Stefano 12 April 2011
Oooh. Anyone else enjoying the silence?
17 January 2012
how do I download this wallpaper?
Расул 2 June 2013
Давно видел эту картину, а теперь тут вижу...
lily 7 April 2017
My desktop pictures are your pictures only !

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