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Vlad Gerasimov 28 June 2009
Anyone can play guitar! ( © Radiohead)
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28 June 2009
Wonderful work!!!
pfennig59 28 June 2009
Love the colors. Vlad, I also want to let you know that I like the design of your website very much. It's clean and friendly and exhales the love that you put into all your work from every pore. Especially I like these cute individual horizontal bars.
Cec Medin 28 June 2009
WOW! Another beautiful w/paper. Thanks for sharing with us.
ojler 28 June 2009
круто =)
Kelcey 28 June 2009
My Bowie obsessed sister would say this was Ziggy Stardust, lol, I love it!
Oziel 28 June 2009
Subterranean Homesick Alien
tamalita 28 June 2009
love it!! this is totally awesome!
Mufaddal 28 June 2009
gr8 work dude but i must say that i miss the abstracts those are my favs
Tusnelda 28 June 2009
Wonderful yet again, Vlad! Thanks!
V 29 June 2009
Great work!! the purple and blue go really well. ur art it amazing
Jynrya 29 June 2009
I like the way the stars look!
phlgrl 29 June 2009
miha 29 June 2009
nice work, great band
Liz 30 June 2009
I love it, and I love Radiohead, nice job!
Paolo 30 June 2009
... and anyone can play piano ... maybe ... (... @ me ...) Great Vlad !!
Emma 3 July 2009
Umm...this is confusing to me. Ok, does this sound "cool" to you, A (wierd looking) spaceman on a swivel chair on the moon playing a (strange looking) guitar? I dont get it.
Andy 4 July 2009
To Emma: are you loosing your imagination? maybe the wierd looking spaceman is playing serenade to Earth, or to a Star! just the idea of an spaceman playing guitar is brilliant! great job Vlad!! loving the spaceman xD
Andrea Knaus 4 July 2009
So funny..... love it
farzad 12 July 2009
Rose lover 13 July 2009
i love you vlad!!!!
azita 6 September 2009
pete 24 October 2009
very nice
Jane 28 January 2010
Очень милый)
10 March 2010
via 3 June 2010
very cute....i love vlad...bien majo..
Marco Ronchese 24 August 2013
You are a genius at getting the right feel and look of the mood of the day. Link up with Facebook and I will give you a thousand Likes.
Ott 2 January 2023