Halloween on  a Little Planet


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Vlad Gerasimov 16 October 2011
I dedicate this picture to Tim Burton, the king of all creepy and spooky :-) Happy Halloween!
Update: Once again I did not forget to turn on screen recording while I created my latest wallpaper, Halloween on  a Little Planet! I recommend that you:
  • open video in full screen mode;
  • turn off the lights;
  • make music louder;
  • enjoooy :-)
This is  a 5-minute time lapse. If you are curious about any specific details, download real-time 3-hour video here: vladstudio_halloween_little_planet_realtime.m4v (3 hours, 200 mb). Created by Vlad Gerasimov / http://www.vladstudio.com Music - Lumiere by Camille / http://www.camille-music.com
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Edy A Espinal 16 October 2011
Amazing... as always!
Bee 16 October 2011
wow...it's soooooooo cute :D...amazing job
Idin 16 October 2011
Oh! This remind me the little prince...
Rick 17 October 2011
Very fitting to dedicate this to Tim Burton! I can tell you're a fan, as am I... excellent work, as always :)
Jorge Alberto Mora 17 October 2011
WOW! Amazing, it is beautiful Vlad.
Alexander 17 October 2011
Awesome ! :)
César Eduardo Aguilera 17 October 2011
Love it!!!! Amazing as usual
Ziani 17 October 2011
Love it...thanks!
Heidi 17 October 2011
This is absolutely adorable and goes straight to my desktop. Thank you for the beautiful work - as always. :)
Debbie Ewing 17 October 2011
Love it. You are by far my favorite artist for my desktop!
Lisa 17 October 2011
Adorable! I love the pumpkin on the underside of the planet. Brilliant.
Vida Hernaus 17 October 2011
Excellent!! :)
Anne OBrien 17 October 2011
Vlad, I really like the dark blue background--it's beautiful and always makes items on my desktop easier to see. Thanks!
ЕЛЕНА 17 October 2011
ЕЛЕНА 17 October 2011
Srini 19 October 2011
Amazing art piece yet again Vlad! Keep it coming.
zulu 20 October 2011
It starts to be boring.http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?halloween_little_planet#add_comment_box
Terry 20 October 2011
This just instantly became my new desktop background!! Awesome job. I love when you do seasonal works.
mister miyagi 21 October 2011
very nice indeed!
Jessie Daryl Cacafranca 22 October 2011
Vlad, you are so amazing in Photoshop! why not in Illustrator?
Julián 22 October 2011
Your wallpapers are so boss!
Hershey's Mom 22 October 2011
Hi Vlad! I must say, I discovered your art today and I am completely awestruck. Your creations are charming and the use of light make them more life-like than any I've ever seen. Although I will love having this latest work as my Halloween wallpaper, I'd prefer it framed in my home to enjoy everyday and to enchant those who visit. You have a true gift and I thank God you are so freely willing to share it with the world!
Dani Amine Alves 23 October 2011
Otokar 23 October 2011
Прекрасно, как всегда!
Robin 24 October 2011
Me encanta esta imagen, este estilo es la razón por la cual compré la suscripción, pero tardas demasiado en poner contenido nuevo y aún así dices trabajar a tiempo completo creando fondos de escritorio... me gustaría que cumplieras más con lo ofrecido :( I love this picture, this style is the reason why I bought the subscription, but take too long to bring new content and still work full time say creating wallpaper ... I'd like to meet more with what is offered :(
Kasia 24 October 2011
I think, this wallpaper is from "Little Prince". ;D
Radovan Rybovic 25 October 2011
Great mood in this, love the ligh'n'shade play, colour scheme is amazing. Want more (maybe some variation on Corpse Bride :)))
srdjan 25 October 2011
charming as always! video and music are really good appropriate and dlightful to watch/listen to. P.S. on halloween you let your light shine IMO!!! P.P.S. watching video I noticed details that at a first glance I couldn't either imagine.
Adam Tankanow 26 October 2011
This is truly beautifully amazing! Great work, Vlad!
marysia 9 November 2011
I usually like everything you do, but definitely not this one. A very unhappy combination of halloween and little prince.
Dan Eveland 11 November 2011
Wow. I just love the detailing and lighting. You totally nailed this one.
aqmefb haeq 12 November 2011
Dotz 14 November 2011
Wow!Amazing job!
Kaycee Allen 25 November 2011
Hello Vlad, I really like your halloween on a little planet, please can we have some more little planet for other holidays.
john 2 December 2011
looks amazing! I am a fan of your work :)
9 December 2011
tu sapessi... 20 January 2012
ahahhhahhha very beautiful this picture...
courtney 27 March 2012
che corino questo sfondo vero ragazzi!!!
piggly wiggly 8 May 2012
Just. Wow.
Jess 17 May 2012
Luv it!
Virginia Ramunda-Marty 24 February 2014
Nice and funny! Did you also did it to honor Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?
cindy 27 August 2014
Ashish 24 April 2015
You are a GEM
mirrorimage 2 February 2020