Happy Valentine's Day


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 February 2007
Happy Valentine's Day! Make sure to also check out next wallpaper - they are the series!

mostafa  ·  long ago
>>>---------> (L)

Alex   ·  long ago

ALE  ·  long ago

BILOOOOO  ·  long ago

BILOOOOO  ·  long ago
bonjouu sa bien

Fransheska  ·  long ago
(L)(L)(L)Feliz San Valentín a todos(L)(L)(L), saludos desde Costa Rica

Nataly  ·  long ago
Love is the only thing, that makes a person from creature

  ·  long ago
Ëþáîâü - ýòî, áëàãîäàðÿ ÷åìó, ñóùåñòâî ïðåâðàùàåòñÿ â ÷åëîâåêà;-)

Lucia  ·  long ago
(L)(L)(L) love is in the air (L)(L)(L)

Lights  ·  long ago
happy valentine's day vlad (L) new fan of urs great work creative ideas

huahua  ·  long ago
Are the hearts trying to escape?

ele  ·  28 January 2008
happy valentine's day from italy!!!!

Joel  ·  26 April 2008
Super Chevereeeeeeee!!!!

Stephanie Moor  ·  10 September 2009
Ihre Destop-Bilder sind süß, lustig ,faszinierent und cool!

Tiffany B  ·  29 November 2009
i love your wallpapers! they change the way i view things and think about things! This one is especially interesting, though i think it would be better if it was in a different style-- maybe the edges smoother like the way the hearts are in the bottom...

bob  ·  8 February 2010
It is great no matter how you slice it. It makes me laugh. Oh and Nataly love is one of many things that make us different.

Winnie  ·  3 August 2010
I want to know what is it in your brain that you are so creative. Love your art work!

bella  ·  12 October 2012
it did make me happy thanks

Priyanka  ·  14 February 2013
its a perfect picture for velentine

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