I Feel Good

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  11 November
Wallpaper version of  a picture I just printed on  a t-shirt for V, to motivate her feel stronger during particularly nasty Moscow weather.

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ada  ·  11 November
it is very nice, but the color red is not suitable for the eyes and it is difficult to look for a long time in the red ... change the color to blue or green :)

ari  ·  11 November

Anna  ·  11 November
Great job

Galin Ginev  ·  11 November
Hi Vlad. This Wall is the next Awessome for me. Great colors. And positive radiation.

Dan Alexandru  ·  11 November
Great, good job!

Nenad  ·  11 November
Great as always :)

Корюшка  ·  11 November
Это же Я!

qz  ·  11 November

peiee  ·  11 November
Haha, thought it was complaining, but yes, it's motivating!

Kelcey  ·  11 November
Love the bright warm colours - this would make anyone's day better:)

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  11 November
Brilliant, warm, and sunny wallpaper. Sure, "I Feel Good"! And it's on all my devices already, Facebook cover too :-)

Adolph Cabañas  ·  11 November
I love it! Thanks Vlad!

Yamilé  ·  11 November
Love it too!

Katja  ·  12 November
Nailed it. 100%!

Roberta Hudgins  ·  13 November

waii  ·  15 November
I like that

zhou  ·  17 November

ANjA  ·  18 November
Rein utopisch. Als ob der moderne Mensch noch multitasking-fähig wäre. Das verkümmert doch immer mehr. Bald geht doch höchstens noch Bus fahren und auf das Smartphone starren gleichzeitig. Und um die Haltestelle zum Aussteigen nicht zu verpassen gibt's dann auch ne App... Aber - ich liebe deine Bilder!!

A  ·  18 November
I keep missing the new wallpaper releases :( Any chance we could have RSS back?

Magnus Wiborn  ·  28 November
Oh... A picture of me... Buzy as always. Nice one. :-)

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