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Vlad Gerasimov 21 November 2007
Inspired by, well, a lot of different things! All done in Photoshop, as always. Detailed tutorial coming soon!
GauL long ago
I expected to find a underwater world in the part of the iceberg that is submerged :-)
laddu long ago
Again I would like to say YOUR AMAZING!!!
SaRaH long ago
It`s Co0o0llll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM:D
Jaideep long ago
Also perhaps a good idea to make use of the increasing icebergs caused by global warming that's scaring everyone so much lately.
Prianka long ago
Again I would like to say YOUR AMAZING!!! ~Prianka from NYC :-)
ashton long ago
I absolutely love the whales keep it up vlad
Ronaldo long ago
Just another great wallpaper. You guys are amazing!!! Thanks!
srushti long ago
dima long ago
hey Vlad, how about ancient Greece? some classical ruins, maybe? or a picture of an ancient city.. just a suggestion.. well, would be very nice :)
Must long ago
uhm... sharks don't live in cold waters... ??
Glory long ago
Ýòî çäîðîâî.=)
:::Mahrad:: long ago
ailyn long ago
c'est genial!!!
saeid(ahooraland) long ago
best & new idea
Anusha long ago
Have a suggestion...y dont u do something with Vegetables fruits! U will sprout up with Ideas for sure!!
Medved long ago
Pervyj nah !!!
LucasDT long ago
The sharks... great touch! Wonderful...
Ltmboy long ago
Would have been better if the city was underwater. But nevertheless, it's a nice looking wallpaper.
Haz long ago
Whoah! Amazing! I'm waiting for tutorial :)
Lucia long ago
i like it very much !! i'm waiting for tutorial too :D
Nick long ago
I don't believe it, how do you get all this inspiration for all your wallpapers(I would deplete my range after maybe 10, not 400+...) Anyway, your wallpaper is a piece of art by itself, just like most of the others along. Keep it up Vlad
feng shaun long ago
like always, very nicely done!
Dump-21 long ago
"Pervyj nah !!!" Bugagagaga!! }|{ew'!!
Jonathan Usborne long ago
Amazing...great job!
Ludmila long ago
Wrrrr, so cold :( Luckly there are mom and dad ;)
Anusha long ago
Being gr8 a fan of ur talent!
KB long ago
Hey Vlad! Wonderful wallpaper!!! I really love the castle. =) Thanks again for your art.
Sebastian long ago
Woho, mindblowing!
NNinki 14 January 2008
I finally found where my little prince comes from :-)
MH.COMMANDO 1 February 2008
Its sharp!
peremenka 22 February 2008
Mmm... its amazing. So unreal and so fantastic!
ttdung 1 March 2008
aaaaaaaaaa 12 October 2008
M'agrada molt
qubra 9 November 2008
çookk güzel olmuş bravo.... hayal gücünüze hayranız... thanx :)
kamil 21 July 2009
C.Ronaldo to mój ulubiony piłkarz
Mirka 16 September 2009
daraya 4 December 2009
vladd, u r aweomse!!!!!! i love all of ur background images! God bless u brother
19 March 2010
Király csövesek!
SmArTcOOkie:) 31 March 2010
8 April 2011
wuat is eso
Kristin 11 December 2012
Wow! I love it!

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