Inside the Rainbow

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Vlad Gerasimov 1 December 2008
This abstract wallpaper was inspired by Abstract Vectors tutorial from, which in turn was inspired by Andy Gilmore, and I guess we all were inspired by British Petroleum Logo :-) As always, Adobe Photoshop only.
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Mak Mann 1 December 2008
Very wild, I like.
efand 1 December 2008
yeah, me too!!
Christina (Australia) 2 December 2008
Oh my, Oh my, the joy of such beautiful colours! You certainly brighten up my day! Simply awesome, all of them. Thousand thank-you(s)!!
none 3 December 2008
OMG!! i really like it you still the best XD
Jaideep Nadkarni 3 December 2008
Wow! That's all I can say
Michael Krajnak 6 December 2008
dr 16 December 2008
not recomended to people with epilepsy
Guba 28 December 2008
I have epilepsy but I haven't any reaction to this. Good job, as usual, Vlad
31 December 2008
this is the most beutiful thing i have ever seen
Francois 14 January 2009
Vlad - you're splendidly awesome. Your works are magnifique and I really love them.
Groentz 2 February 2009
It's very similar to the result image from the Abduzeedo Tutorial...
Vlad Gerasimov 2 February 2009
Groentz: yes, that is exactly what inspired me (as I noted in wallpaper description).
Rajesh 5 February 2009
Simply Awesome!!!
Amy 21 February 2009
ORANGE RED PINK PURPLE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HIIIIIIIIIII 21 March 2009
very pretty
Olik 18 April 2009
Просто супер!!!!!!!!!!!!
Анатолий 6 January 2010
красиво получается,мне нравится.спасибо за чудные обои.
Karola 21 January 2010
Sunrise colors!!!
nastya 30 January 2010
mdan 2 March 2010
kotomi 28 June 2010
it's really nice
20 September 2010
11 February 2012
nice colors!!!
sana 8 June 2012
another mobiles?
MOO MOO COW 10 June 2012
awesome 17 June 2012
these are great backgrounds!