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Vlad Gerasimov 26 August 2008
First of all, my apologies for lack of updates! August was very hard for me, and I wasn't able to make a single wallpaper for almost a month. Anyway, this is  a new wallpaper, I hope you will like it! As always, Adobe Photoshop only. (Wallpaper clock and tutorial coming soon!)
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Spirit 26 August 2008
Cristina 26 August 2008
Second!!! Very cool wallpaper, I love it! I also love Formula 1, could you please make a wallpaper with F1 cars or something like that? Thanks!
janedoe 26 August 2008
awesome idea and very creatively done! gorgeous as usual, thank you!
tp 26 August 2008
....its been so bout some colorful ones.
Leonel Macias 26 August 2008
thank you! love it...oh and I agree with Cristina...F1 wallpapers would be awesome
Rafa 26 August 2008
great idea!! definetely worth the wait... f1 is a great theme or maybe about the olympics
Nathan Nelson 26 August 2008
Beautiful, thank you!
A1Elements 26 August 2008
Yeeeeeha, after 1 month you came back. It's beautiful; as always.
Michelle 26 August 2008
I'm so sorry to hear you had a difficult August! Good to see you back posting new desktops. Thank you for the new wallpaper, it is beautiful and creatively cool as always.
Pete 26 August 2008
Yes, we were beginning to worry but now we hope September will bring better days for you...
admin 26 August 2008
waaw..! muthish bişi(turkish) ...
Christina (Australia) 27 August 2008
OOOHHH! Welcome back, Vlad! Missed you terribly! I hope all is well now in your amazingly creative denim patchwork world! Sending you lots of hugs & well wishes from Australia xoxo
Svannah Present 27 August 2008
I don't know if its my computer or what but did the website layout change? I can't veiw the wallpapers large and all the sizes are only 3 digits. When I try to place one as my background it comes out all fuzzy. I miss the old layout.
Jynrya 27 August 2008
I love this one too!
Krist2ps 27 August 2008
Alejandra 27 August 2008
Love it!!!! Great work as always.
MuzikJunky 27 August 2008
Very, very kewl, but the next time you do something like this, could you use the Arno Peters projection instead? Peace.
lwy 27 August 2008
good------------very good
Ivi® Spain 27 August 2008
Vlad Kovachev 27 August 2008
Just a suggestion - even at high res the labels are hard to read cause of all the "cloth-lines" effect (try to focus on Greenland for example) and the overall feel gets a tad rough to the eyes. Probably should have used a simpler texture for them. Good one tho.
Leti 27 August 2008
Absolutely Cute!!!!! I love it
marcus 27 August 2008
Just great like always and Vlad ... I agree with Cristina, Leonel and Rafa ... F1 wallpapers would be awesome! Vlad, welcome back! Grtz from Ostend,Belgium
almang 28 August 2008
So cute and beautiful! Thanx >_
Nick Khomchuk 28 August 2008
Super, Vlad! As usually! :)
OJler 28 August 2008
none 28 August 2008
1998 28 August 2008
their is no beater than that wallpaper :)
Mohammed korashy 28 August 2008
Welcome back...., Nice work Too.
petra 28 August 2008
прекрасный!! (hope it´s well written and means what i meant..:-)) i´d like to see more wallpapers in denim-style..!! e.g. blind map of europe with no other state just czech republic "the heart of europe" highlighted in it would be great..;-) though i know it´s a bit discriminating...
olegna 29 August 2008
ur wallpapers are so simple.. yet so elegant and beautiful... soooo relaxing to my eyes ^^
librarian from croatia 29 August 2008
i'm crazy abouth you. you allways make my day....
matthewt 30 August 2008
very good. I love that. (but russia is in asia?)
molly 30 August 2008
^-^ cool as always! I love your job, it is so creative and nice! Thank you for these amazing wallpapers!
peťulka 30 August 2008
to matthewt: i really hope your question about russia being in asia wasn´t meant seriously or there was some secret point i didn´t get..;-) otherwise i would really doubt the quality of the education system in your country..:-)))
darkcat 31 August 2008
This is a creative one yet not losing the style of being simple... i love simple things with lots meaning.
Cat 31 August 2008
Inspired as usual. Hope September is better for you. Speaking for myself I never mind a long wait for a new wallpaper as I know it'll be worth it.
Sahil 2 September 2008
This is very creative
Diana 2 September 2008
I dont quite like it, sorry :) Its too dark
libraryN 2 September 2008
Very cool! If I were a better seamstress I would actually sew that onto some jeans! Maybe someone else will. Welcome back - I hope September is better! 3 September 2008
it's great = )
Nora 6 September 2008
How clever and beautiful. Something about your work always makes me smile. :)
Bia 19 September 2008
Loooooooooooooooooooove it
poland 26 September 2008
:( dont like it at all..
Purple 26 September 2008
original ;) and cool
Ivan 9 October 2008
Fourtyfifth! Nice.
Tussie (Canada) 15 October 2008
Awsome..............but you forgot CANADA!
Pita 4 November 2008
Absolutely LOVE this one. .How Creative!!!
Freeman 19 November 2008
So Cool!!!!! May I make a cloth as this style?
Blackberry 24 November 2008
Dear Vlad, what a creative look upon the world. Does it have a political meaning? Could you give us a hint on how you chose the different labels for each country? Thank you!
河马君 19 January 2009
太棒了!It's so cool!
Yoshumitsu 28 January 2009
Cool Man...Its Cool.
Alex 5 March 2009
Very original, well done! Greetings from Poland. :)
Петр 22 March 2009
Граница (во всяком случае географическая) между азией и европой располагается не там. Э-эх..
Supreme Being 17 June 2009
Zero 17 August 2009
Photi Bouris 11 September 2009
Our illusionary boundaries ... X
Amy 16 January 2011
I love everything you make but this one I really like. It is amazing! I would have never thought of it. Keep doing your thing!
2 August 2011
7 December 2011
so cooooooool :P
some guy 7 December 2012
how to download please
:) 8 March 2013
i love this jean stiched wallpapers i download them all
Sorfateh 26 May 2013
Dear Vlad, Once again I'd like to thank you, from the heart, for all this graceful creativity that you share with us boundlessly everyday.
爱丽丝mm☆ 11 October 2013
kikiki 13 March 2014
r khoee 23 November 2019
perfect! love it!
motowndpkg 22 March
You're a genius.... !!!!Thank you very much!!!. I hope to come back here very soon.