Jeans World Map (No labels)

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Vlad Gerasimov 26 August 2008
This is  a version of Jeans World Map wallpaper, but without the labels, maybe some will like it this way!
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CeciRoo (Australia) 26 August 2008
WOW! what a beauty! Incredible, looks so nice! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your work with us.
profipix 26 August 2008
wow, cool beans! :) thx :)
Chris 26 August 2008
This is awesome, thank you.
FLO ( france ) 26 August 2008
Tres belle creation !
Yacine (Tunisia) 26 August 2008
Simply fantastic, good job boy Thanks! :)
Jynrya 27 August 2008
Very interesting how you used black jeans for the water and blue jeans for certain countries. I love it! So awesome to see things differently. Keep up the wonderful work, Vlad!
Jaideep Nadkarni 27 August 2008
andra (romania) 28 August 2008
it's a beautiful thing what u do. thank u for all.
Mohammed Korashy 28 August 2008
I like the other one and don't you think that the Ocean's should be in the Blue color, Not the lands? But nice work
z4wil 29 August 2008
Very nice design vlad..!
Lilla 1 September 2008
Yes! It's beautiful but Where is Italy?!!?!?
dope 3 September 2008
Giuseppe D'Ambrosio 21 September 2008
Good work but WHERE IS ITALY???
katrinne 26 September 2008
COOL 3 October 2008
Mahsa 1 November 2008
good ...... tnx
cachee <3 30 December 2008
heyy what happened to ireland... what are you allergic to potatoes or something? jk i love it =DDDDD.
this is useless 23 October 2009
totally dumb
aljon 6 July 2011
this picture is ok to me omg sa galing
OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
O:) I LIKE IT *~*
OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
OHHHHHHH 3 November 2011
IT COOL <3 ~<3 ~<3 :P